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Not everything lives up to the hype. Welcome to MojoTravels, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for The World’s Most Overrated Travel Destinations.

For this list, we’re looking at destinations or attractions that appear on the bucket lists of many travelers, but which often leave people disappointed once they actually get there. So come along as we explore a selection of both general locations and specific attractions that fail to live up to expectations. For the record, we’re not saying that any of these places don’t have any charms or need to be avoided. We’re just here to help you manage your expectations.

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MojoTravels says:

Have you checked out any of these overhyped attractions and destinations?

tanzin tabassum says:

Agree with most except Loch Ness. No one in this day and age visits Loch Ness expecting to see a monster. It's extremely beautiful, and the highlands are worth exploring

Star Star says:

Paris is the most overrated city ever.

Amanda Quinlivan says:

Hobbiton is not $80-$90; its only $30nzd approx (i paid only $24 3 years ago to go). hobbiton is actually quite remarkable; my mum and i went and we havent read the books or watched the movies; my mum is a garden nut and wanted to see it herself for inspiration for her own garden. worth every dollar.

Heath Runyon says:

The Leaning Tower of Pisa is very overrated

Cblindvking45 says:

I loved Loch Ness. Knowing it wasn’t real, there was still an unexplainable feeling of mystery and you never know what’s deep under the lake.

James Lee says:

The most letdown are travel blogs that tell you "don't go", "it ain't worth it", etc. I have already been told about the Mona Lisa's size, yet that didn't quench my curiosity to go see it myself. Mount Rushmore disappointing? Seriously? I am more disappoitnment with Watchmojos criticisms of certian attractions that aren't really a letdown. Personally I don't buy into travelers telling me don't go to a certain attraction after they have been there for reasons that they don't like it. Look, we all have different preferences and travel inclinations. What may not be impressive for one person may be the opposite for another and vice versa. Unless the place they tell me has terroristic activities, earthquakes, or anything that would kill me, it won't stop me if they say "skip it" cause its small, not worth it (to them), disappointing, etc. I am my own judge and I have to see it myself to make that judgement. Its not buying into the hype, but satisfying one's curiosity. After all, that's what travel is all explore, learn, and see things for yourself.

Xinzlo says:

I don't think the french quarter is over rated

Jason Mims says:

I had a history teacher in high school that described how disappointing it is to see the Mona Lisa. He said you come to the room it's housed and it's so crowded you have to wait your turn and everyone is taking pictures like their meeting a famous person, when you finally get to it it's really small.

don autry says:

Mt. Rushmore is one of the greatest sights I have ever seen.

Mary Catherine says:

don’t kiss the blarney stone! my friend’s dad is from ireland and he said that locals pee on it and laugh when people kiss it.

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