Why You Should Never Travel to North Korea

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Other good reads about North Korea:

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Jacob Laukaitis says:

Thank you for watching the whole video, you legend! Let me know what you think about traveling to North Korea in the comments and make sure to check out the best book I ever read about a North Korean refugee, my friend Donghuyk Shin: https://amzn.to/2laEJI2

jordan meza says:

your pupils are always so dialated when you are doing your self interviews you doing X? lol

「•BTS Edits•」 says:

It’s not North Korea that’s the problem . It’s the leader that’s the problem

John Zylali says:

I come from a small country in balkans called Albania and it was occupied by a dictator called ENVER HOXHA for 55 years until 1990

kiko buere says:

Can you Imagine if korea became in One?.

and The Last.

Can you Imagine if Kim Jong Yun die.?

ruth camero says:

I hate north korea because kim jong un is stupid

LionessProwess says:

I've never been to NK but if you do go, please DO NOT try to talk to the people outside of the permitted interactive activities. You very likely will put their lives at risk

CJC says:

Can’t imagine a place without Freedom. This is why I love America and live there. Freedom, equality, democracy. I feel safe in America. North Korea’s government is evil, government should never be that powerful.

Oceanman _ says:

"Hold on, this whole operation was your idea"

Sonu Debnath says:

Those innocent people are suffering….someone kill that Fat Asshole

TheSylionix says:


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