Why you need to travel Alone

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Ex-Google Tech Lead explains the pros & cons of traveling alone to Hawaii. What’s it like seeing couples & families all around you? I think it boils down to one thing — it is probably going to be the chillest vacation you’ll ever go on. Do whatever you want, whenever you want, with costs in time/money half off or more.


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Ken says:

Video idea: Top signs of an inexperienced solo traveler:

LOL but srsly, at least to me, traveling is not about efficiency. I find that once initial things are sorted out (plane tix, car arrangements, places to stay, and maybe how to split the cost) then the rest of the vacation is easy. Yes, I think you have some valid points, and I actually like traveling alone.

When I travel alone, like you said, I stay in hostels. You can often stay under $40 a night. For people not as "successful" as you, it removes one of the major things that gets in the way – cost.

If you have not tried a hostel, try it for a night. And make sure you pick a good one…Tokyo is a good city to try hostels if you happen to be there and have an opportunity to try a hostel. If you find you can handle it, or even like it, then it will open up your world to traveling due to the cost savings. I stayed in Tokyo for 7 days and 6 nights for under $200 including housing AND food AND transport. EVERYTHING. My hostel was clean and nice with a free large locker to use for $14 a night all in, which is unheard of and I found a really good deal, but still, no way you get that in a Hotel. Hotels were at least $70 a night by comparison. Food was about $10 a day, and I walked a lot of walked one station worth to save 60 cents etc.

If you like to travel, having to have your own room, or having to travel with someone, are just hindrances. If those options don't work out because nobody wants to go with you, or because cost is too high, just go anyway. Where there is a will, there usually is a way.

Starheart2♥ says:

I’ve been to Hawaii on a solo vacation, it’s still fun and you still meet cool people. Hey you should come to San Diego!

chris says:

if I could afforded I would!! hahahah. For max profit use dynamic programming 😛 (such a nerd sentence). I do think traveling alone is a must. You end discovering a lot of things and it develops good skills of how to be autonomous.

Arturo Cabello says:

Traveling solo is something that I have considered for a while, though it seems scary to be by yourself. So inspiring to see you taking the plunge.

Paymon Yau says:

I always travel alone because I don't have any friends.

yeflynne nature instagram says:

Your family is gonna hate you lol

Bill says:

You're doing good TL… having some fun. great vaca
… Good Luckkkk

Ding Ye says:

Guess what else is cheap, efficient, and best enjoyed alone………..masturbation.

7TH Music says:

Being 21 and single since forever i support solo vacation

puccabear says:

Good on you for going out and enjoying it on your own. Great analysis on it too

puccabear says:

Would definitely do it myself too!

Bite Hunter says:

I would book travel to Hawaii alone. I would be too tempted to have tons of sex with everyone though and to enjoy great meals and to take in the culture.

Bite Hunter says:

I would book travel to Hawaii alone. I would be too tempted to have tons of sex with everyone though and to enjoy great meals and to take in the culture.

Bite Hunter says:

I would book travel to Hawaii alone. I would be too tempted to have tons of sex with everyone though and to enjoy great meals and to take in the culture.

Sam Rossi says:

Moral of the day, even an ex Google multi millionaire techlead can be lonely, so the rest of us mortals we totally have the right to go through that once in a while. When you are lonely and down doesn't matter if you are in Hawaï or at your local shitty bar, you will be still inside your head. Make inside your head a nice place.

sds123faf says:

I watched in 1.5x speed. Made it more efficient!

Collin Keahey says:

Not to mention all of the other people traveling alone who are willing to talk to you.

Good Luck says:

If any of what he's saying in this video was true – he wouldn't be making this video….

Traveling alone is pointless. Everytime something cool happens you have no one to share it with so you just stand there and go, ".oh….yeah this is cool…….well i guess i'll go over there now…." It's always more fun with a travel buddy.

People fresh out of divorces or mid-life-crisis are the people who travel alone and are seen doing ….exactly what you saw him doing in this video…coincidentally enough

Jace Noto says:

Would like to travel alone

varun goyal says:

When you have couple of crazy friends that would be most efficient which is directly proportional to fun.

Junhyung Ki says:

The problem is I am alone most of the time

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