Why Japan Was The Best Place To Travel In 2018

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Travel + Leisure named Japan the number one place to visit in 2018. Here are some of Japan’s top restaurants, attractions, and thrills.


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Why Japan Was The Best Place To Travel In 2018

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Hozey Kun says:


Akanome says:

Nah… Japan is too expensive… I would prefer Southeast Asians countries

steve357g says:

2:14 What's the name of the amusement park?

chocolate nomad says:

You are AMAZING !!!!!!! During a depressing period of my life, I booked a ticket and traveled solo. I can say it was the true antidote to my depression. Channels like this is so inspirational to me. I plan to continue traveling and vlogging which I’m still very new at. I also can you some support and advice to help my channel grow.

Darkslayer Ryuu says:

Pretty much my top place I want to visit

random content 1234 says:

Hello! Wake up! 2018 isn't over yet!

Josea Yum says:

im broke
well ik how to use chopstick
i will buy sushi and imagine im in japan

かあ says:


Maddie Kawai says:


Kaypee Does a Thing! says:

Oh man! I can’t wait to go back!

kielypl9 says:

Hello everyone, this is the BEST video I have ever seen on Japan. The places you point out are the first time I've really seen them shown. Thank you so much for sharing.

Jude74 says:

I went a few weeks ago, it was amazing.

Ray Mak says:

I love Japan. If you're there once, you'll be addicted

crazyactor80 says:

Logan Paul fans came to dislike this

Steven Torres Torres says:

Talking toilets

Eric Halim says:

I'm coming Japan…

SmileUnicorn! _liselle says:

I wanna go but I'm still a child and i have agreed and vowed to be patient and wait until I have my studies straight and have money to go and I know it's amazing the season right know but I just can't go now need to be patient

Karen Mermaid says:

Next why South Korea was the best place to travel in 2019…

Alex Strader says:

It’ll be cool to study abroad there

Curtis Tisberger says:


ShadowCookie Girl says:

I wanna go there for
miku concerts
Splatoon concerts
Nintendo store
Pokemon Center
Japan exclusive splatoon stuff
Pod hotels
And everything else I missed

vanessads_uza says:

kyoto is pronounced kyouto not keoto

Athena P says:

Top of the bucket list

QyroCorp says:

Glad I live here

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