Why I love shutter priority mode – photography tips for beginners

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Shutter Priority is ideal for moving subjects and is the choice for pro sports and wildlife photographers. Learn how Shutter Priority can help you nail your exposure every time in this short tutorial video.
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If you have a DSLR, Mirrorless or Bridge camera then you need to watch this video and see why Shutter Priority (S or Tv mode) is our choice when photographing moving subjects in tricky light.

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Sherry Casey says:

Trying tot take sports football photos at high school at night ..lights seem bright but photos are blurry please tell me what to set it on ..I'm using the TV mode on my Canon EOS Rebel XSi it's old but it's all I have ..this is for my grandson's scrapbook ..help me please !

Jan-Peter Mohwinkel says:

The most (pro) sports photographers use M because they want a background separation and that isnt possible in S. For the problem with lighting the ISO will be set to automatic with a limit

Tamara Van Dale says:

Hi. So I took photos last weekend of my son's football game. I did use the TV mode on my Canon, but turned up my shutter speed to 1250. What I noticed when I got home and looked at the information about all of my photos is that it didn't take the photos at 1250 speed – even though I had it set at 1250 – it automatically decided to take them at different speeds ranging from 400-600 and the aperture around 5 and 400 iso. This was a very sunny day, so I was confused as to why it did that. Any suggestions?

Kent Heaps says:

Photo Genius, what shutter speed do you use for your son's soccer games? Hand held, what is the slowest speed you would use?

Wee Tee says:

Hi Sir, I am new to DSLR and just gotten my Nikon D3400. May I know more about depth of fields? And how to take a photo with clear subject but very blur background?

M B says:

Would you recommend auto ISO for TV mode?

Joe Cummins says:

Fantastic and thank you.

oozrenn says:

i thought ISO is also changing by itself when in shutter priority mode, oh well

FAK! U says:

I always waiting for your new video's

Ravi Chandran says:

I also love shutter mode. Especially capturing birds, manual mode is irritating and sometimes focusing and exposure problem araising. I missed many beautiful bird shots when shooting manual mode. So I Changed to shutter mode and taking images.

Initially, 1/320 speed I set. But focusing issues and images are mostly under exposed. Changing to 1/1000 leads aperture not suitable. No other way. So I Boost ISO from 100 to 3200. After that somewhat managed. Around 80 images were shot, sadly 4 images are properly exposed (that images' are very nice after croping and editing).

First time I captured fastly moving birds. Really interesting and thrilling.

SeryDesign Creative says:

Just a mom who wants to take good pics of gymnastics competitions with a Nikon D7200. Any advice? Thank you! 🙂 Really enjoyed the video!

Paul Pada says:

you speak clearly and with the right volume. thanks, I learn something new today

Bearded Muppet Photography says:

A very good video. Thank you. That has helped me a lot.

Kimberly Brasher says:

Hello, I am new to all this and I just got a Nikon D3500 camera kit, which I am very excited to use. My main interest is taking great photographs of my children and family. I want to take nice indoor photos using natural light and I also plan to set up an indoor area to take photos with using artificial lighting with soft boxes and such. Can you please give me some recommendations of what settings to set my camera on in order to get some crisp, clear but blurred background portrait photos. THANK YOU!

Semii re says:

Hei same like here.. when i bought my first nikon. Im using shutter priority too for daily. Till now ^^^ except for special night photography. Full manually

ravindra tn says:

Amazing.. Ur way of instruction… I am fan of u know….

Jesus christ it's jason Bourne says:

Half Aussie half British ???

Drive With Sankha says:

I have a nikon 7100,, im in srilanka,, i compare with my camera photo with canon camera photos,, why nikon photos are dark and no sharp and beautiful,, but canon photos very sharp and colorfull

Stewart Treadwell says:

you put it across so people like me to understand it properly very easy thank you very much

The Southern Hen says:

I love all your videos!


U'r a photo genius indeed! I just want to ask what's the difference between shutter priority mode and auto focus mode in shooting moving subject? Whats the best mode in shooting a dance event? Thanks!

LakuFoek DM says:

Impressive … Clear and right to the point also easy to follow those rules. Thanks master…

onesickpuppy84 says:

Love your videos! Awesome job

Ramesh Chand says:

Great tourtrials. Thanks so much. God bless you.

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