Why Air Travel Is So Cheap | So Expensive

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Airfares are close to their lowest prices ever, with a roundtrip ticket from New York to London costing $350, almost a tenth of the price it would have been in the 1970s. Since fares and routes are no longer regulated by the government, fierce competition has led airlines to generate new revenue streams, which often inflate the base fares greatly.

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Why Air Travel Is So Cheap | So Expensive

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therealDale says:

I-i think they messed up the title this time.

Jong Ha says:

350$ isn’t cheap at all tho

Sky King says:

Flying is not cheap. Luggage is expensive.

Jannib Andelo Bayutas says:

What's up with the title?

Some guy with a Quantum Jail says:

I only have one word RyanAir

Chris says:

Wendover Productions : Am I a joke to you?

Alex Whitton says:

I had to read the title 5 times

Piper Vera says:

I think it’s still a tad expensive

trg Sam says:

i clicked into this video just to express my conern on the title

mac berry says:

You get nothing for free other than headaches

Martin Henry .50 says:

Not to forget the taxes added which is not displayed on the advertised price.

AdmiralFroggy says:

Idk what reality you live in but flying isn't cheap

Dimitriy Mirovsky says:

Shitty explanation. Always viewed from american perspective. That's a little let down from this channel. They don't have broader POV.

Should mention Virgin Air and AirAsia the two important factors that revolutionized aviation industry to be cheap like what we been able to enjoy today.

Still this video sucks and lacked information. Lazy as usual.

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