Where to live in China 2019? | 5 good cities to live in China

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Which city in CHINA is the best one to live in 2019?
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So a lot of people ask me where they should live in China? And yes its a bit tricky, I know. Shanghai is close to my heart, but I have also lived in Beijing, and visited a lot of different cities. Here is the list I mention in the video:

1. Beijing – good for learning chinese and study at great universities. If you have never been to china before you might get chocked, but this city is amazing! Very cultural, political and old beautiful atmosphere. Working there is tougher as a foreigner as I have heard

2. Shanghai – do I need to say more? ; ) I love this freaking city, but it has its flaws as well. This is a very comfortable city to live in, with great restaurants and bars. Its a cheap New York type of life. If you want to learn chinese, dont go here. Its too easy to get around with English here to learn that much chinese. But its a great city, I love it!

3. Hangzhou – Alibaba town. Beautiful city one hour west of Shanghai. Great to learn Chinese and Work at alibaba. A lot of other cool companies are there as well, of course.

4. ChongQing – I dont know anyone that has been there except for me. Therefore its great to learn chinese there, no foreigners are there! See more about that city in my video: Worlds Largest City

5. Shenzhen – Worlds Tech Mecca. Here is great if you want to do a tech startup. You have every manufacture of every component next door. No one speaks english here though, which is good if you want to learn chinese 🙂

6. Hong Kong – this city is amazing, but freaking expensive. You have to live in a very small apartment to be able to afford to live there, and food, clubs, bars etc are very expensive. As I say in the video, if you have a corporate bank card. Then this city is for you!

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洞房不败 says:


Jack Ouyang says:

jiujiang city is very nice

wei wang says:

The best city in China is lijiang, yunnan province.

Sheila Uy says:

You should visit hainan, tropical island of china..

law aloysius says:

is shanghai really cheap? You don't give us a comparison city,,,, you said cheap,what is cheap?

豬豬 says:

Make the music less loud bro

One Man Went To Mow says:

whatever you do please dont turn into a sarpentza type character?

One Man Went To Mow says:

u make really cool vlogs, you should post a lot lot more, i watch a lot of youtube and u are by far one of my favourites, i admire ur lifestyle, when i grow up i want to be just like you, (though i truth im prob twice ur age, lol)

Chris Song says:

Shanghai Suzhou Hangzhou Xiamen Shenzhen 🙂

Lukas says:

Does anyone know Tongji University in Shanghai? It's a partner University of mine and I'll probably be there soon

Xuehan Yang says:

Love the content!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Syndicated Satellite says:

Living anywhere is cool if you have lots of money and peace…

Testruecast says:

Question 01. Hi Magnus. Which visa status do you have? I mean, how do you travel to China and stay for so long in there, and like to open a business like in your first videos? Is it possible for anyone from abroad like to live and work in, say, Shangai? Thanks for the channel and your answer. Great content!

Stephen S says:


massimo xyw says:

How about Chengdu

Zicheng Zhang says:

Highly recommend everyone to visit Hangzhou, a ridiculously beautiful city.

Kaonnoenese吴越人 says:

one error here Hangzhou is not west part of china. , it is ,same as Shanghai ,east part of china.
here is what cites ,I think as a pure Chinese, you should live in ;
north : Beijing ,Tianjin
west : Chengdu, Chongqing
East : Nanjing , Suzhou , Shanghai,Hangzhou
south : Shenzhen ,Guangzhou ,.

Alex Absolute says:

I personally like tier 3 cities, much less pollution & loads of interesting shit happens. Shanghai is fun to visit, but I find it way too international

Liqrit Rs says:

I have to make my decision on where to study before next week ends. Either Shanghai, Beijing, huaqiao or Chengdu? After this video, I’m ruling out Shanghai. What about the rest? I’m uni student going to learn chinese not culture.

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