When Bonnie wants to travel alone

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marvin kenton says:

Bonnie was ready to leave a handicap for a handicap

Zing3rninja says:

Oh god I remember this show…..

TG money YT says:

Bonnie sounds depressed

Howard Murphy says:


Gage Rippy says:

Bonnie and Lois make some ugly ass Muppets

JtBaby Gaming says:

Peter needs to leave louis she b cheating on him al well

JtBaby Gaming says:

She might as well leave joe lol

mojo Risin says:

the doors jagger bowie love itt

Mitchell Meek says:

Imagine good editing, and putting the thumbnail at the beginning of the video instead of at the end.

Martin Conroy says:

4:50 Joe actually parked better than Stan usually does lol!

Franz Liszt says:

Jesus Christ Peter your a fat ass

Noah Roblox says:

Why they didn’t went to comdom (it’s a real place)

Tibetan Dude says:

In Paris there was a hella lot of pick pockets when I went there

The Scarecrow says:

I didn't get the Jafar joke

Ryan says:

12:40 I want that to happen in my school

William Fisher says:

At least he cared enough about Meg to pull her out too

Aria MSP says:

Lois can’t be talking. She’s cheated on Peter plenty of times

Himedere Hikkusu says:

I mean Bonnie is still one of my personal favorites, and either way she came back to Joe

Wolflink48 says:

Quagmire is a legend

Hwtreasurer07 n says:

So you would leave joe to be with another disabled person?

Unknown Artist says:

Honestly it sucks without the jokes but it shows how the convo would actually be

Jeremy Johnson says:

Bruh gayest music video

Dreamer K says:

0:57 The Thumbnail

MarioManRoy says:

2:44 Yes. That is exactly what people sneezing at a salad bar looks like

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