What's in my Travel Backpack 2019!

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SWITZERLAND – https://youtu.be/Y9B_rfUFD_U
SAN FRANCISCO // UNPACKED – https://youtu.be/7ppqh9-hohQ
A WEEK IN VEGAS // CES 2019! – https://youtu.be/Im2CkkXb0QA
MAUI // A Hawaiian Summit – https://youtu.be/B6mTxj8liMI
MILANØ // An Italian Masterpiece – https://youtu.be/VR6W308mMOY

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Andonis Hughes says:

Great video and like how you keep things minimal and show how what are some necessary things that would be helpful in traveling.

Marin says:

Would you rather go Razer blade stealth or Macbook pro 2018/19 13" for school?

ACTIVEskater4life says:

Keep doing what you do. Love all the content u put out.

Rahmeen Husain says:

i’ve been waiting for this video !!

Roshan Shetty says:

The Switzerland shot looked as if a pro took it. Sick shot!

Munir Ahmed says:

Subscribe to my channel plz…..

saffa says:


Riley Edgar says:

Loved the vid man keep it up

Anthony Ostrowski says:

I saw this video in my recommended and I don’t regret it I subbed and I am now very interested in the MacBook since next I will need a computer for school. Your videos are also very informative and I like how you explain every item. Great vid keep it up

baeni says:

Cannot find the case you mentioned @11:03.

Timonna says:

zengin olmayanı "travel" e yollamıyorlarmış.. Fakir istese de gitmez zaten.

Elliot Milner says:

Great Video!!!

TuberLyrics says:

What haircut is that?? I liked it

Reginaldo Antônio Fernandes says:

Very cool !!! Simple and objective! Congrats!!!

Koda says:

Nice visuals and b roll

ExTr3Me says:

I have the same back pack except with the tiger

Davud Turgut says:

Nice concent bro. The Switzerland Video was amazing

Joshua Cang says:

Man, I missed your vids!

Vitang Orm says:

What is the bags name ?

Ytringsfrihed says:

nice vid 🙂

Evan Kasbohm says:

Yo it’s lit

the babymomo says:

Lol the shot of your headphones on your Canadian passport……

I’m British.

TSFB Gaming says:

The only non tech thing u have is a eye mask and a luggage mini?

moncef benajah says:

Amazing bro keep going

Nikos Papa says:

Whats that ipadd walpaper with waves in the beggining of the video

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