WHAT’S IN MY CARRY ON + what supplements I take / travel essentials

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Whats in my bag! carry on edition.

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Lots of love,
Tatiana Ringsby

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khushika arya says:

Favourite ❤️

adasas says:

what model of gopro do you use?

Brookie.Liz says:

Where are your sunglasses from???!!

Philippa Solly says:

Can you please put a link to that backpack? It's so practical but gorgeous.

Dollar Travelers says:

Amazing Video, Keep up the good work!

Dawnie Perry says:

why buy a plastic bottle, when airports have filtered water fountains for reusable bottles?

R l says:

You need to foreclose your sponsorship in the description. I stopped immediately on your announcement–I should be paid for watching a frickin commercial.

Belle Williams says:

you're the cutest

Olivia Slh says:

Hey can u do a video when you show us your drawings ?? Ur so talented !!

Céline says:

So interesting ahhh you're da best Tati ❤

puck bennekum says:

make a video of your journal book tour!! I love to see what you are drawing or writing!! xoxox

Maddie L says:

I would recommend taking an empty bottle through security and filling it up at one of the taps! It saves on money and better for the environment!

Sophia Pullen says:

You should do a video talking about crystals!!!!

abbey weaver says:

post a vid about your journal and what all you do/plan in it !!

Liz Navratil says:

I wanna travel with u

Trini Ovando says:

you should do a journal video

Amy Erdenebayar says:

You look gorgeous Tati!

anna yani says:

how do you just get more beautiful in every video??? i didn't think that was possible???

emma elizabeth says:

ilysm and this video!!!

Claire Clara says:

does she say tachi? or tati

Mimi Schmidt says:

Tatiana can u please do a hair care routine video?? Love your channel!!

rachel moghrabi says:

can you pleaseeee post a journal flip through… I would love love love to see your doodles

Virginia Specktor says:

the see through bags she keeps her cords and beauty / skin care stuff in where are those from??

Maddison Tierney says:

Loved the video ❤️

Kamille Aguilar says:

I also keep extra underwear in my carry-on bag! It has come in handy multiple times, especially with surprise time of the month visits

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