WHAT’S IN MY CARRY ON? ✈️ & Travel Tips for Long Haul Flights // Fashion Mumblr

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kristin camarata says:

Elephant! Love your channel Josie!

Sharon Hughes says:

Wow!!! You are on the go more and more as time passes by! Hope you enjoy the US while here….the zoos are the only place you will find elephants over here! LOL

Emma Benfield says:

Such a great video, elephant:)

wt30001 says:

ELEPHANT and thank you. Great info.

charlottnoren says:

I loved it! Elephants 🙂

ZD Lifestyle says:

This was so useful Hun – love the passport cover and the silk pillowcase – think will def get that x

Eunice Maris says:

Loved all the tips! I like to take a pashnina with me on planes since that means I can use as a blanket on the plane and as a scarf if I'm going somewhere cold. Also elephants are my absolute favorite!

Jola says:

Elephant! 🙂

Lynda Wood says:

Elephant. Enjoyed this entire video. Please travel safe. Your tips were amazing. I am really interested in all of your tips and tricks. I am a clean "freak" and get so disgusted with the filth on our airplanes. Yuck. The bathrooms are horrible, the seats are filthy, the tray tables are nasty, etc. You have provided me with much needed tips to help keep your space clean and germ free. Thanks so very much for this video. You will never know how much I appreciated the information. Have a safe and pleasant trip.

J'adore Life says:

Thank you for sharing with us ❤️

Odalys Alvarez says:

Elephant! Loved all the tips.

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