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Welcome to my travel tips channel! In this channel you will find playlists about travel tips. Viewers like you have shared their tips and travel hacks that are brilliant. On top of the many mistakes I have learned while traveling the globe as a pilot wife, you will see some great ideas. Thank you for visiting!
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Christopher S says:

i enjoy the carry on bag packing tips

Arianna Medici says:

Dear Laurie, I'm facing a 35 HR trip in ten days, you say that comfort is the key as to is easy shoes for security but I was hurt whilst on deployment and my shoes are special made due to my injuries I was humiliated the last time I went through security don't wish for a re-run any ideas or advise I also need a cane e wheel chair. Thank you in advance for advise ma'am

Pooja says:

Mam , please give some tips on carriying money while traveling.
Can international students carry money along with them?
If yes then where??In check in luggage or in carry on??
How much money we can carry without any issue at airport while checking?
I'm also going to Canada in this september for study and it's a confusing question for me .

2 Guys Travel says:

Hi Laurie!! We are Christopher and Jonathan – thank you for taking the time to send out these videos. As we said in a previous comment, we appreciate the effort you put into them.. sometimes they even make us laugh. If you have any advice for Paris, please let us know.. or make a video lol.. we will be there for the first 3 weeks of September (2019).

Maj-Britt Hansen says:

Last year I went quite a few places and I was looking for inspiration on how to pack things neatly and yet not curled up somewhere in my luggage. In my research I found Lauries channel, which I profit of over and over again, because her hacks are really good – and thank you for teaching me about and how to pack with packing cubes. I looooove packing cubes.

Gail CARSTEN says:

Have you done a packing for the beach vacation video? I need one. Thank you.

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