University student from California stuck in China during coronavirus outbreak

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A Cal State University Northridge student is still in China on Thursday night, near the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak — his semester studying abroad turning into a nightmare. Samson Adame, 24, has been stuck in the Shandong Province of China since the epidemic broke out nearly a month ago. CBS Los Angeles’ Lesley Marin reports.

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hi im a normal person says:

He went to the nether and a ghast destroyed the portal

Keissy Dueñas says:


shortii12341 says:

Why is he traveling abroad with no health insurance?!? I'd be calling his travel insurance and asking them "Why did his insurance get dropped!?!"

Merchant says:

Why wear a mask when you aren’t sick?

Brittany Figueira says:

Well us Californians are fu**ed now that it’s spreading in Northern California so he minds well stay where everybody is being careful

Francisca P says:

Who is stupid enogh to send their kids to China? Her.

Thomas Turner says:

Good for him he should have stayed at home now he should be banned from comeing back

Ram singh Ram says:

Come India and Bihar . Here no any type of virus .

Jovian's Channel says:

If he is healthy, USA goverment should pick up this guy. Because if he is still in china, a healthy person can get infected. Hope he stay health. I hope corona virus will be over and no more people die because this virus. Jia you for all people who fighting with this virus. I hope we all get safe. Gbu

Palanisamy C says:

Soon u wil get ur son back don't worry from india

TUNESMITH da INFINITY Tunegate says:

He bugging Chinese people can be really mean you know how many Americans accused of spying they killed go to South Korea you the one North Korea almost tho and that’s a big change that’s big if you work in the south as a scientist

elsa Grace says:

Hope that Mom is voting for Bernie 2020

Wild Cats Life says:

It’s ok only 1 let him there and take care

Dino Frat says:

They can't burn bodies fast enough, or stop it, they will burn it all just to save face.

Tyler Leung says:

This is too dramatic, I don’t see any reason to worry about a healthy young man… Even got infected, only 2 percent will die

winter garden says:

Shes a mother and is worried about her son. Good luck and stay safe

TheDeVoiDAnGel says:

The Chinese government couldn't care less about its citizens, they are just fodder and as long as it doesn't affect the "elite" of their citizens, they can just let their people die in corridors, or in quarantine.  From the mouth of someone who experienced their grandfather die, after waiting days for a bed; he died 3 days after getting a bed, this is a MUST READ:

Pohaku Mana says:

why doesn't mom cover him on her insurance? Call Lloyd's.

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