Traveling On The World’s Most Dangerous Road

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We definitely should not have driven down this road… But while in Bolivia… We felt like we had no other choice but to go see it… Locally it’s named “Death Road”… You’ll understand why in the video.

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Hosts: Thomas Brag, Ammar Kandil, Matt Dajer
Editors: Thomas Brag, Thomas Dajer, Cam Peddle, Bryce Perry

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Ugotisa says:

ehhhh…. a normal montain indian road

robert p says:

Did you get to meet bald and bankrupt

NinjaWorrior 786 says:

Are y’all In Pakistan

george woodhouse says:

1:39 Top Gear

दिप khawas says:

If you think this road is dangerous, please travel in roads in Nepal

MRcreafty says:

They could have used a disclaimer

ClassyBre says:

Do you guys ask your camera guys when you decide whether or not to do something


try to visit philippines guys


You should stay in a submarine under water for 24 hours

Lea 2211 says:

Oh, you are watching this in 2020? Well…


Rachel F. says:

They make me wanna travel the world so badly

shreyank surve says:

"sustainable", " Reusable" are just fancy words from the western people… it's actually the "Asian way of Daily Living"…

Sukrit Poudel says:

There is a road in nepal which is more dangerous than this.

Lenkrad says:

I want to visit Bolivia so bad. I played a video game that takes place in Bolivia a few years ago and since then I'm just so fascinated about the scenery and the culture. I've been in spanish class just for this reason. But everytime I talk to someone about that I just hear how dangerous it is as a gringo and nobody wants to visit Bolivia with me…
Seeing you guys enyoing your trip so much just makes me happy and makes me want to visit this country even more. Maybe I'll get the chance one day 🙂

Rijan Kharal says:

guys, please do visit NEPAL..visitNepal 2020.. I promise you won't be disappointed.

Uout Extra says:

u should try birth place of buddha :NEPAL

Lucia B says:

your whole team deserves a cinematography oscar.

Victor Chen says:

It do be really pretty doe

Kiki kaykay says:

Why is Ammar not here??

PacMappySolvalou says:

Hi all, just wanted to know how and where is Ammar?

Keep up the amazing vids!!

Wyatt Miller says:

What an amazing video heart goes out to his family and everyone he has impacted in their life. Thank you for making his time on this earth the best @yestheory you guys rock!

Noah Duran says:

the animals in the sanctuary are beautiful, dude

JeffNotes says:

Out of curiosity, anyone got more info on those stairways to nothing in the salt lake? That was really interesting =)

iSA mEmE says:

if u in the comments cuz u scared shitless about them falling. remember this video wouldn't be uploaded if they died

Diana says:

this reminds me of the road to machupicchu in cusco peru. We had to take a tour bus THE BUSES ARE HUGE and the road was slim just like this one.

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