Travel Tips: How to Survive Long Flights

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More and more travel w/Sonia every Thursday:

Sonia Gil shares her travel tips on how to survive long flights.

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FluffyGrandina says:

Im excited AF for the flight actually

Precious M says:

im going on a 16 hr30mins ✈

Zhonguoria says:

CAUTION: Any alcohol you consume on the airplane = 4X same on the ground. 2 glasses = 8 glasses.

Yeager Mcbipper says:

This cunt thinks charging your devices is some sort of secret? Good thing her hotness counteracts her stupidity.

osita sonriente says:

hola yo tambien hablo español amiga

Anete Laanesaar says:

10hours, yes, LETS FUCKING GO.

taichiperfect says:

I love your voice! Great tips as well!

Leonard Martinez says:

Would you marry me? I'm rich, by the way.

Nick Kumar says:

In AP psychology we learned sleeping aids like NyQuil aren’t good for you because your brain starts to rely on them by stopping natural production of melatonin which you need to sleep.

PimpMyFuneral says:

On Jan 3rd 2018 from BA flight 269 London > Los Angeles "Business Class" The flight was late 30 mins. plus when we were seated. A man a woman & child sat in front of the odd seating system. Soon as the flight started the child started screaming & crying the parents did nothing. The man kept going to the upper storage compartment blocking drink, food & other services to myself. Our seats were kicked & they kept hitting my legs & feet as they took over control of this flight making My Wife & I's flight a real nightmare this situation that is very very difficult to deal with. I asked the BA crew various times to have this negative & dangerous behavior to stop. BA staff stated put on these large old style sound head gear on & deal with it. I already had ear plugs in my ears. I asked if we could be moved to any other seats in the plane the BA crew refused to let me change seats even to coach seats. I asked for a refund & to let me off this dangerous flight so I could book a new flight with another airline but the BA staff on flight refused my request. BA employs on this flight would not move the family causing all these damages to coach or other parts of the plane The behavior was very negative & dangerous to all on this flight. This was a 11 hour flight this child was crying & screaming at least 10 hours of this flight. Damages caused by British Airways on this flight from failed to protect my wife & I from these very bad passengers who were seated in front of us. Even after requesting help various times on this flight. I have bruising from the headphones from lying down trying to block the screaming & crying & bruising on lower legs & pain from the passengers kicking and hitting me the whole flight as they missed jumping over the seats & hit my legs & ankles, plus pain up my sides & back. British Airways was not finished harming My Wife & I. British Airways lost all our luggage with thousands of dollars materials we travel with in are luggage. My luggage shows up two days later at my door by some guy in a pick up truck with broke & destroyed pieces of art I bought in Dubai, India, Oman, I can't believe this airline & what has done to my wife & I: I've filed a complaint

Zhonguoria says:

Set your watch/clock to destination time the moment you board airplane – so wise!

Rick Buntain says:

Sonia, the 'h' is silent in herbal. 🙂

luka chikhladze says:

Going to france tomorrow! 5 hours… wish me luck ❤❤

Jackie R says:

I'm going from Sydney, Australia to Lebanon, 13+ hours of a plane ride

harshali kamble says:

What if portable chargers arnt allowed on airplanes?

Chandrabhan Singh Chouhan says:

can someone tell what accent is that?

Tom Kenning says:

The lighting is fantastic in these videos but I would suggest getting a room with better acoustics

Jan Giles says:

Off to Europe from down under 1st a 17hr flight followed by 5hrs this was helpful thanks also no overpacking lol

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