Travel Tips: Electricity guide for travelers

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Cracking the Secret Code of Travel every Thursday.

Sonia Gil shares her travel tips on how to prevent explosions when traveling. Sonia shows you when you will need a converter when traveling.

Check out this great electricity guide:

Voltage by Country:

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Samsung/Android Is the best/Fortnite sucks says:

North America = 110-120VAC
Other countries = 220-240 VAC
Japan = 100VAC

Language Café says:

Thank you Sonia. You have simply and clearly explained the use of converters and adapters in foreign countries. Other videos by other people have left me confused. You're the best.

Jeff La says:

Very helpful !! Thank you.


You are awesome!

Jillian Schwartz says:

i am from the USA traveling around europe. i am bringing a 5V input/output back up external battery which charges via USB. if i plug the USB in to an iPhone square plug in to an outlet adapter will my external battery be OK?

it appears as though the square iPhone plug will work at both USA and european voltages but i wasn't sure about the backup battery at the other end only being 5V. am i in the clear since the iPhone plug converts it for me?

thank you!!

Adam Mouhtadi says:

my xbox is 100v but it says 50/60hz will it blow up plz

rebukey says:

Are adapters and converters the same thing?

ay300000 says:

I think you should take a basic course, so you will understand the difference between Voltage, Current and Power. Or just stick with packing the cosmetic bag.

Jolyon Welsh says:

Conair makes a dual voltage hair dryer with a folding handle for easy packing. There is a voltage switch on the handle.

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