Travel SOLO And Take Your Instagram Selfies To ANOTHER Level

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Hey Guys I hope this Video will help you out to improve your skills of taking Pictures. Videography and Photography is a big part of nowadays life and its alway good to keep striving to learn more and experience more even if you don’t know anything about it yet.
I didn’t go on EVERY Detail in specific but if you want me to explain any further steps, let me know please ! Sending You Guys KISSES x

My Gear:

Drone :
Lense :
Travel Tripod :
Flexible Tripod :
Remote Control :
Second Camera :
SD Card :


Movie Mania says:

Who is taking your videos of you when you are shopping???

Mara Keneth Panuyas Almonte says:

actually you have a lot of time. you always do different routine. I just think that I need to do that too.

Mona Ioana says:

Thank you so much for this video. It was so honest and full of knowledge. Great content!

Juni Tjoa says:

I can feel your creativity and grit. Thank you for sharing with us your wonderful knowledge ❤️

Silver Girl says:

You could make a movie! Great director I bet.

We are here We are now says:

Hey Susi, thank you for your time to make this video. I saw this beautiful little stove in your van. What Brand is it exactly?

sunkisssmile says:

Hi Susi,

I like your earrings? Where did you get them? Also, can you do all your favourite jewelry pieces and why?

Midnight says:

Ain't nobody got time fo dat! I'd take the photo and just post it as is, and they can bugger off if they don't like it.

Nur Nani says:

Goods tips ❤

Monica Cespedes says:

Thank you for such a great organized explanation~!! You are the bomb!

GoVerdigo says:

This was the best video ever. Thank you. I'm sooo going to try this. Love love love

H D says:

HAPPY EASTER. It's Easter Sunday 2019. I hope you're having a joyful day and remembering the importance of this day. We can be free and at peace because of Jesus. Peace to You and your Love in Portugal.

Bryan M says:

How to get paid to lie.

Rich Nature says:

Great video great job

андрей Лугин says:

Love from RUSSIA

Michael Traynor says:

Disappointed in your fraud on the clothes dealings. Not cool!

Currency Converter App says:

Great videos thanks!

India Birch says:

Where are you traveling with your van? I am doing up a van now and plan to go to Europe but have no clue where to go or what to do.. Am taking my dog too.

Sarah Ouali says:

Thank you for your tips ❤️ it’s help me a lot

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