Travel Photography with Fuji 35mm f2 | Photo Vlog 8

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Thank you so much for watching! Below is a list of gear I use for photo and video 🙂
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ssantacoloma says:

Hey Liam, I found your channel while searching for some street photography and I’ve been watching your videos for a couple of hours now. I really enjoy the way you present them and it has been really cool to watch your progress over your vlogs. Just a quick suggestion, it would be really nice if you put the camera settings for the photos you show. Keep up the great work!! +1 subscriber

Chase Burnett says:

Beautiful shots. Really like the lifestyle feel to some of them. Also that burger king! Subbed!

Arturro says:

Beautiful work! Got a sub <3

Abu hassan Alharbi says:

I like your work, you've got a sub!. Keep up the good work.

itzfridayz says:

coming from a different system, I always thought the aperture blades only moves when you adjust the f-stops, not when you press the shutter release halfway. my 35mm f/2 chatters loudly.

Creative 7 Inc says:

been seeing Fuji getting picked up more and more, and I can definitely see why. These shots came out awesome

The Snapps says:

LOVE the shot where you are shooting from above looking down at her sleeping!

Adrian Alford Photography says:

Great vlog Liam, thanks for sharing mate. Really beautiful shots. Cheers!

Madison B says:

Love that last shot!

Tim Johnston says:

That Burger King one is amazing – I remember seeing it from your other video. So cool. "Home of the Whopper" is a great tag-line for this photo as well! Looks like a beautiful place to have stayed.

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