Travel Photography –What's in my Travel Camera Bag?

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Travel Photography –What’s in my Travel Camera Bag?
In this video I’m going to explain which cameras and lenses I’ll take on my trip to Malaysia and why.
My name is Matti Sulanto, I’m a photographer and a Lumix ambassador based in Helsinki Finland. I’ll publish a new video twice a week.
I make my content using Panasonic Lumix cameras and lenses. Some of the equipment I use is my own and some is on loan from Panasonic.
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sulantoblog says:

I'm traveling right now, so I might be slow to react to your comments, but I'll read them all eventually.

Norwall says:

You're one of the best I've seen at making these types of videos.

hiresmusic says:

BTW I will recommend Lumix 30 3.5 macro instead of PanaLeica 45 2.8. First one has bit shorter distance to object than last but much sharper and with better AF.I use now Olympus 60 2.8 macro and must tell is way better than PanaLeica Macro.Of course my IMHO,but based on my practice.

Pete Gleeson says:

have a great trip

Tony Green says:

Hope your camera bag has wheels!

Claude G. says:

Hi Matti, I am planning a trip to Egypt in a couple of months. I am not a professional photographer nor a vlogger, just a photo enthousiast. I just want to bring one camera with me and it has to be light. Should I bring a Pana LXII or a Pana ZS-series camera? I know that the LXII will give me great pictures, but the ZS may provide me with more photo oportunities with that great zoom. I'd be curious to know which one you would take for a trip like this? I'm really looking forward to seeing your pictures in KL. Thanks and Bon voyage, Matti!

Alex Zafer says:

Have fun! That is a LOT of camera body gear. I get why the S1R, the G9, the LX100 II — but I think (to some extent in my view) the G90 almost seems somewhat redundant, or a bit much, with everything else you have there… so with that, we're expecting BIG THINGS from your trip 🙂

German Bueso says:

Have a nice trip.
Looking forward to see those upcoming videos and photographs.

l kl says:

Do you do a photowalk in KL? How can I join if you do.

Beau Semmler says:

Sulan Hey! I created a YouTube group chat so that we can share videos more easily. 🙂 Join here:

Ananda Sim says:

I'm envious! Wish I could go there and meet up. Are you going to have the haircut? 🙂

Kent Ekasak says:

Just curious, if you can take just one body and one lens for your personal travel (no work), what is your choice?

Aengus MacNaughton says:

Sounds like you have just about all situations covered — but I'd like to see what you are packing all of this stuff into and carrying it about!

Joakim Tollerud says:

Enjoy your trip!

Marko Koskenoja says:

That's a lot of camera gear to pack – enjoy your trip!

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