Travel Photography Tips – 6 TIPS!

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Travel Photography – 6 TIPS!
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Travel photography is most likely one of the most popular genres of photography. We all do it, but we all have a different approach to it. Some of us only want to record the memories the people we traveled with and the things we saw. The photography itself is only for recording memories. For some of us, it is the way to have time for photography. The everyday life is busy and the time we get to travel is the time we make our photographs.

In my video about Travel photography Tips, I give tips on how to get better images no matter what your reason to photograph on trips is.

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Graham Gall says:

Thanks all agreed Peter except I now use the 12-100 as my travel lens – gives me a longer range. Great tip on the Tele Conv thanks . now also set on Fn2 cheers.

Ananda Sim says:

I got really nervous when I saw you standing and talking to the video camera with the OM-D on the balustrade, near your hand and you were not holding the body. I went on a trip and the camera was on a food court table, I had an involuntary moment and it ended on the floor. The shutter was dead. So, one tip from me. bring a cheap, good, small, second body – it does not have to be as good as the primary camera. Maybe an old PEN, that takes the same lens and accessories.

Anastas Tarpanov says:

For me the main issue is taking a bunch of images and killing my darlings after that 🙂 For the digital zoom it's the same as cropping the image in post, the only benefit can be that it will be easier to compose a shot that way.

Stuart Hirsch says:

We went on a cruise to Canada last week. I used the OLY OMD with an 18-200mm zoom with a 4/3 converter, extra battery and charger, and plenty of extra cards. Although I used a 64 Gig memory card that I never needed to change. I always use a UV filter that lives on my lenses. I take a circular polarizing filter which I consider an essential accessory when traveling or shooting outdoors in bright sun. I tried downloading the images to my tablet using OMDs built in wi-fi and OLY app. The images were briefly displayed but for some reason weren't transferred to the photo memory of my tablet. Usually I download all images to my computer as soon as I get home, back them up and erase the SD card, even if the images are completely out of focus. Then I sort and put them into albums. .

John Opie says:

My travel kit is now complete: EM1 Mk1, Panasonic GX7 with 12-100, Panasonic 100-400; Olympus 25 f1.8 and Loawa 7.5 f2. Best results with the EM1 Mk1 and the two large lenses, but if I am trying to not appear conspicious or am hiking, the GX7 with 12-100 and the 7.5 is a tiny kit. The 100-400 doesn't see as much use as I thought, but there are the times that it shines. Downside: 2 different chargers and batteries…while I'd love to move to the Mk2, can't justify it yet…maybe a used body. Used the kit in London and Dublin, it all fits in a shoulder bag nicely. Extemely pleased with the combo, and the only thing I can imagine doing is replacin the 25 f1.8 with the 25 f1.2 when I am felling flush, but the 1.8 is so nice and small…future trips are Japan and Iceland…

T N Args says:

Hi Peter, so for your trip, you brought an E-M1 II body, 1240PRO lens, 25mm f/1.2 lens, video camera body, video camera lens, a video tripod, and a drone. That's quite a lot of kit, and yet, for my travel, and for my wife, we would be deeply frustrated if we brought no lenses longer than 80mm-e. Are there a lot of photographers like you, who have zero interest in anything that is a little bit of a distance away? That is so surprising.

One comment about GPS. I agree, I like it. But Olympus OI Track let me down a lot, because, even with the camera's clock and the phone's clock carefully synchronised in the field, when I load the data to the photos, it locates them wrongly, as if the clocks were not synchronised. So the software is definitely not reliable. When I changed to 3rd party software, it worked. So it isn't me.


Libor Krupica says:

For me the GPS is a must ….

samanimeguy23 says:

I only use the digital zoom converter when using a really small c mount lens.

Laurence Roach says:

Quality not quantity is a message I must try to remember.

Aengus MacNaughton says:

Thanks — good tips, especially the one memory card per day, that's new to me, but very useful. My camera does not have GPS — not sure if the Panasonic Android app has GPS, but I normally just grab GPS coords on my phone and save them to a file. Because of who I work for, we have to turn off automatic GPS recording/location information on all devices. I can use the GPS lookup app on my phone and then copy/paste to a text file to keep a record of where I have been, but I could not allow the GPS/location info to be saved with photos. On the Panasonic cameras the digital teleconverter FOR VIDEO does not reduce any image quality because the video resolution is still less than the sensor resolution — you are effectively just cropping to "zoom". But with photos it would decrease the resolution of the photos.

yac1066 says:

Me too I travel light, depending on the destinations I chose my goals. Very often zoom 14-150 F4 – 4.5 II + 25 mm f1.8 and the 9 mm f8.0 fish eye fun… Two batteries,. And like you one card per day… And all this in a fisherman gillet… There are a lot of pocket… so no bag to forget!

Dee Nugent says:

Great tips Peter! Very useful as I am about to go on a trip.

Megan Marie says:

Thanks for the tips! These are so helpful!

ipadista says:

As always an interesting video!
The last couple of months or so, whenever you say: "And you might want to watch these videos" and point to the side, there are never any links to videos on the screen. Just so you know, something you might want to look into. I think Youtube changed something about putting up links to other videos a while back. Most other content providers use the white I icon, and when you click on that you can see the videos that are linked.

sulantoblog says:

Does the digital zoom save RAW and isn't it the same if I crop later?

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