Travel Photography – Photographing Hong Kong in 24 hours…ish

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In this episode, professional travel photographers, John and Matt explore Hong Kong.

‘We visit Victoria Peak for sunset, catch the first morning Star Ferry across the harbour and enjoy the atmospheric Man Mo Temple’.


Sam J Lewis says:

Not sure why you don’t have a million subscribers. Brilliant work guys.

Billy Matthews says:

Amazing video guys, a question for John what lens where you using on the rooftop just after the Star ferry trip?

Isaac Neville says:

Great video guys! Your videos literally look like they should be on TV as a photography show because of how professional your voice overs are and the quality that they are filmed in!!

Brenda Pullen says:

Brilliant as usual.

Aswin K says:

Really great guyz…i have been waiting for a long to feel your video. It's really awesome bro's. I loved it enjoyed it. Actually i have doubt about lenses. I'm using d5300 with 18-55mm kit lense. I would like to upgrade my lens and I got 2 choices one 18-300mm lens second 70-300 4-5.6f tamron full frame lens. Which lens will give me a better quality. I like to take landscape, street and low light images. I know that, now no lens can do these three jobs alone. So which lens satisfy me more among those two, in all the situation which i have mentioned above? Please guide me.

jorge de sousa says:

You guys are awesome photographers and storytellers.

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