Travel Photography in The Redwoods

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The Redwoods in northern California are an amazing place for travel photography. But, the landscape is harder to photograph than I realized.
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On this vlog, I wander you through the Redwoods forest for some travel photography. Up in the Avenue of the Giants, I took my photography vlog out for some exploration and images. To my surprise, it was actually much harder to do travel photography in the Redwoods than I thought.
Still, I managed to make a couple photos that I really liked in this one. And, eventually, the vlog pushes through Northern California and into the rain of Oregon.



Eugene Kiedrowski says:

I just decided on the spur of the moment yesterday to drive from Yellowstone to the Oregon Coast and spend a week traveling up or down whichever. Is there a lot of restrictions on flying drones there? Can my dog run on the beach? How's the weather in two weeks? LOL 🙂 – Your roadtrip through the States has been awesome, thanks for sharing! says:

I think if there's one place where you need to do a hero shot, it's Redwoods NP. I never really do those shots and I'm not at all an experienced photographer but you need to get yourself in front of those trees to understand how big and majestic they are when you look at those pictures later.

Bryson James says:

Loving this road trip series and can't wait to see what you shoot in Portland! If I had a recommend anywhere, it'd be the Hoyt Arboretum over by the Oregon Zoo

Ben Freeman says:

the selfie is epic!

Huw Morgan says:

I don't know ferns – I'm not a vegetarian LOL – best line in a long time

Elly Elzinga says:

I love the picture with you in it, it's so impressive to see how huge those trees are!!

Scottman895 Travel says:

I've always wanted to visit the redwoods! The photo with you on the log is quite incredible! I really like the contrast between you and how large the trees are. The only thing missing in the photo is a taco!

Joy Cady says:

Great shots of the redwoods, especially the one with you in it. Love the hats! The story about your Opa is so sweet.

Ruud de Jong says:

Awesome you are calling your grandfather "opa". Definitely a Dutch word!

Ruud de Jong says:

Awesome you are calling your grandfather "opa". Definitely a Dutch word!

Joseph Campisi says:

Dude, you SHOULD have stopped in that fog if you really wanted to get some good Redwood shots!

Scopetrekker says:

I miss the Bubba Gump one you gave away a year or so ago. That was a great hat!

Shunbai Li says:

good to know you are a raptors fan!So Am i!

Richie Bolgiani Photography says:

With your Vlogs, do you always have a plan in mind for the day or does it tend to be take it hour by hour and see what happens. Great videos as always.

Sean Leonard says:

If you attach a GoPro to the roof of your car in the rain. Point it backwards and you will get a better shot.

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