Travel Photography in Ella, Sri Lanka

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The travel photography in Sri Lanka continued on the vlog today as we headed to a place called Ella.
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I wish I could say the travel photography was going easily here in Sri Lanka. But, as you’ll see in today’s vlog from Ella, we’re struggling a bit. It’s not that it’s not beautiful, we’re just not getting all that lucky. We headed out to make photos in two really cool locations: Ravana Falls, and Little Adam’s Peak.
Unfortunately, we ran into some barriers, some more literal than others.



aamzana says:

Hello Brendan, I am a beginner photographer, and I would like to know if you can help me select a camera or give me a few options that I can consider. Its mostly for landscape and wildlife photography. My budget right now would be 2000$. I know the basics of photography but can you please tell me a good Canon option and maybe a few lenses! I would appreciate all the info you can give me. Thanks so much. Love your videos!

Christina Reynolds says:

Hi, I’m currently in Sri Lanka on holiday and going to Ella in about a week half a weeks time, any chance I could meet you ? 🙂

Kushalitha Maduranga says:

Hey Brendan, nice to see you in Sri Lanka. make sure to visit few photogenic places to take some beautiful photos.
* Knuckles Mountain Range
* Unawatuna Beach
* The Galle Fort
* Stilt Fishermen Koggala

wenpeng wang says:

I've been Ella for a day, and stay in Sri Lanka for 1 and half years, really nice place, you should see the beach

Julian Anthony says:

Hey man you should try polonnaruwa since your in Sri lanka . If you are in sl lemme knows I can take you there

DerryDogs Dirt Bike Riders says:

Hey Brendan …having fun is the whole point, being able to photograph it is a bonus. Enjoy your videos and hope to see in Australia some time

Noealz Photo says:

looks like you had a real awesome time

Thiwanka Jayasinghe says:

Hey pls try photographing the colombo skyline at night ! It's so amazing.

Dean Wilson says:

I hope you were a good tourist and Avoid Barthing, [0:53] What is Barthing? Look it up:

Thar says:

Hi Brendan ! Could you discuss a bit about your filters ( ND ) what system you use and ect ? Cheers !

Scottman895 Travel says:

Yay, it looks like "phenomenally" is in the dictionary, and auto correct didn't try to change it to something else! I know you were raving about the waterfall in your last video, but the views from on top of that mountain I felt were the best part! I could spend the entire day up there!

Simon Williams says:

Hi Brandon, thanks for the vid’s. Seems to be loads of mist how do you deal with it?

Shannon C says:

While you are traveling, do you ever take pictures of the people you are with for yourself?

Hugh Wolfe says:

I like your combining of photography and travel, makes me want to visit other places besides our current state of Arizona.

Jörgen Pedersen says:

to be honest… I follow your blog more or less all the time, but I wonder, you being a travel photographer and makig money on that, from where is your money coming from? What magazines/papers/books are publishing your pictures/photos?

Travel Photography with Priyantha says:

Your fan here from Sri Lanka. Keep traveling mate!. Too bad you didn't get the best of opportunities at Alla

Rohit Chapke says:

Fun Trivia – Ravana, as described in hindu mythology, was a demon king of sorts. If you want to know more about the story, try reading or seeing the animated movie – 'Ramayana'. BTW good photos Brendan!!!

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