Travel photography, capturing moments and finding your niche w/ Elaine Li – 529 Podcast 006

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This week, we chat with our friend and Instagram OG Elaine Li (@lielaine) about her #photography side hustle, meeting internet friends, travelling to Iran, her observations about #Instagram, and so much more!

Hosted by @demas & @itchban

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Guest: Elaine Li

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Demas Rusli (@demas)

Benjamin Lee (@itchban)


Benj Beech says:

Good, thoughtful interview – Elaine seems like a really sound, intelligent person!

EDIT – I swear I saw a Photoshop tutorial of sorts posted by Demas recently, I can't find it now, was that not on this YouTube channel?

Dion Siswadi says:

Elaine has a cool vibe as person. I admire her voice and style of photography and editing. This podcast becomes my favorite very quick (bias). Good job @itchban @demas @lielaine!

Julian Lallo says:

Another great video fellas!

Julian Lallo says:

Another great video fellas!

Of Two Lands says:

Great episode guys !!

Daniel Ng says:

big clap Ben

wkim14 says:

Haha soon enough Elaine will have a full Aussie accent, I can see it evolving already

jetjetdelacruz says:

Elaine is such an inspiration! keep up the inspiration guys!

hotherside says:

Great cha cha dance clap benjamin @00:00

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