Travel On A Budget! // How I Travel Often

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Advice for travelling on a budget and how I travel so often!
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Daniella Palencia Posada says:

Please do a video on travel by your work of social media

Brandy G says:

From TN ok from CA but live in TN. Lol

Torii Nowell says:

Childhood dream trip was Paris and London and I’m going to Paris for the first time this week (London for the 2nd) but current dream trip is probably Helsinki and Copenhagen because I’ve been to the rest of Scandinavia.

Jenna T. says:

go to egypt!

trina videsjorden says:

Huge travel addict, I’m from Alberta, Canada and THE DREAM is the Maldives

Mathilde Ptz says:

I knew I wanted to travel for the longest time so as soon as I turned 18 I looked for a student job so I was able to save money for travels. In a year I was able to go to 6 new places. You don't need to go on the other side of the planet to discover new amazing things. I live in France so I've never been outside Europe by myself yet but there are so many cheap destination from Paris so I just look for the prices to go to random places and I find really great deals! Also I stay in hostels so that way I don't have to pay for a restaurant everyday and I can just buy a pack of pasta and tomatoe sauce and cook it lol
Also keep in mind that you don't need to always do exciting activities and excursions to enjoy your trip because most of the time walking around the city by yourself to discover all the different areas can keep you busy for a few days (and you see things other than the touristic places)

Maya John says:

I’m studying abroad in ireland next semester and this video was super helpful in planning out my European travels ! Sooo excited

Monika Pytel says:

i don't want to be rude i love your videos and it's great that u put effort into them but anyone who has travelled at least once knows that all the things u've said in this video are pretty much basics

becca gargiulo says:

Great advice! My boyfriend and I have planned some small trips to the beach and a nearby city for this summer! It's a great way to experience something new without the cost of a big trip

Lindsey Sciabarrasi says:

Great job with this video, Alex. It was genuine and informative.

Lauren Taylor says:

This was soooo beyond helpful! I want to go to Rome ASAP but was freaking about all of this stuff! Thank you for easing my mind ❤️

Gabriela Michelle says:

What’s your advice on studying abroad. I’m studying abroad next year and I’m scared on getting my stuff stolen

Gabriela Michelle says:

I’m studying abroad this upcoming school year and I’m a bit nervous. What’s your advice on security? I’m scared of getting my stuff stolen

Lee and Fi says:

I live in Texas and I would LOVE to visits Paris some day, also New York City. Thank your for the tips! Great advice to start saving, I am inspired. Love your travel vlogs BTW ❤️

Yoshie Maravilla says:

Love you for this!
Honestly super helpful and just realized we have like similar minds when it comes to planning trips!
Thanks for this ♥️
IG: yoshie_mv

Whittney Hall says:

What did you study at university?

gavin painter says:

when stitch fell in the background lmaoooo

Scarlett Gaylord says:

Good companies that offer free tours: Strawberry tours (they offer free tours in major cities in North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia).

Free Tours By Foot is another good one. The majority of their tours are in major US and European Cities but they do give links to free tours in other places as well.

NavigateOurLives says:

Omg agreeeee about how expensive Switzerland is! My boyfriend and I are here now, we’re cooking most of our meals lol

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