Travel in Rain | Beautiful Chill Mix

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enjoy a beautiful chill music…
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00:00:00 • Eikona – No Sweat
00:04:35 • Osk – Aurora
00:09:31 • Narrow Skies – Transitions
00:13:34 • Vincent DiFrancesco – Mountain And Me
00:18:54 • Grandyzer – Hunter In The Snow
00:25:18 • Shah – Embrace
00:29:26 • Konara – Promise Kept
00:32:25 • Andy Leech – Dawn
00:36:34 • Izzard – July (ft. Oneira)
00:39:54 • Vijay van der Weijden – Questions
00:43:40 • Delectatio – I Wish
00:50:04 • TYMELAPSE – We Became Strangers
00:56:59 • Kyle McEvoy & Philip G Anderson – As With The Night Sky
00:59:26 • Resonance – It Seemed So Distant

01:02:17 • Bony Stoev – Violet
01:06:10 • Where the Good Way Lies – Daybreak Advent
01:11:05 • Delectatio – Her, My Dream
Image by — Hossein Soltanloo

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BLUME says:

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Farts ‘n Sharts says:

mid-fall, crisp air, overcast and rainy.. my favorite time of the year to take drives.

Ahmedou DK says:

another great mix that change my day 360 degree. keep going!!

Brad Majors says:

Perfect studio music for the rain outside today * thanks @Blume <3

CottonMouthJoe says:

Thank you for the serotonin pal

Jonathan says:

I have bad ptsd it's been consuming me lately. I woke up from a nightmare panicking and I came straight to your channel. It's helped.
. When I can't function and can't even figure out what music to listen to I just click on one of your mixes. It makes things simple. Your music choice is unlike mine you find songs I would never find on my own. thank you Blume

Amir says:

Blume, stop posting the same tunes under different titles

Loony Linn says:

chill with hot coffee while raining outside

White Eagle Music Network says:

beauty <3

NumBerZControllerX says:

Please the first song!

Anorak X says:

Wanna run away (

____ says:

I love rain! I love your Channel! I love your music! I love your continuous!

Landon says:

This mix reminds me of all the adventures I had with my best friend…

Ay Ay Ron says:

Who else loves chillin and watching the rain ?

John Sierra says:

love the song I'm in a depressing mood this helps me feel better thank you for all you do

Karthik Rajgopal says:

Travel in rain with perfect ambient chillout music of Blume is the best combination ever.. it's a journey worth travelling and experiencing from the heart .. Thanks for the mix and have a great day Blume ✌️

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