Travel in China——Dunhuang

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Leading Mandarin Chinese School in Shanghai and Beijing, since year 2003. The best online curriculum!

Welcome to Miracle Mandarin’s Free Introductory Video Course! We have a few Chinese language lessons to offer you. Yes! For free! Just on YouTube! So you can master the basics …

We hope you enjoy!

Founded in 2003, Miracle Mandarin Chinese Language School now has five locations in Shanghai, Beijing and Germany. Over 200 experienced teachers deliver Miracle Mandarin’s unique curriculum to thousands of students each year.

The name Miracle Mandarin originated when one of the school’s first students, a 70-year old retired American executive, declared it a “miracle” that he had not only learned to speak, but also read and write simple sentences after one month’s study.

Miracle Mandarin’s team developed their own curriculum, tools, mobile apps and online learning platform in order to ensure students’ success.

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