Travel Highlights – USA Southwest- 4K

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The Southwestern USA is amazing. We travelled across the Southwest in July, 4 states, 30 days, 3000 miles. One of my best roadtrips.

Here is the roadtrip plan :
1. SF
2. Yosemite np
3. Death Valley np
4. Las Vegas
5. Zion np
6. Bryce np
7. Canyonland np
8. Arches np
9. Monument Valley
10. Grand Canyon
11. Palm Beach
12. LA
13. Highway 1 to SF

Music : Ghasper – BrandSupport the artist:
▶ Ghasper


LifeWithLuvleen says:

Awesome! which camera do you use to vlog?

Must Do Travels says:

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Jason Costello says:

Incredible edit! . An achievement in itself to cut all this down to 2.30. Did a near identical trip just a couple of weeks ago + Yellowstone and the Tetons, with 140GB of footage it’s not easy !

seansheffedy says:

Nice Alex ! Very well done…must have been sone work to edit !! Really nice finish…

Davide DM says:

Amazing video of amazing places! I tripped there last summer and It was an unforgettable experiences. Thanks for sharing and made me feel there once again

Now We Roam says:

Incredible shots Alex. Really nice film. We are just finishing up a similar trip. Its blown my mind how quickly the landscape changes.

Próxima Parada says:

You've got some unique shots in this video, I loved
I did a road trip as well, check it out in this video

no name says:

nice video! what did you edit the video with? and how do you compress it to still look nice and sharp on YouTube? mine always looks super compressed and ugly on YouTube.. 🙁

Eden says:

What kind of camera did you use?

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