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There are fear-based questions I get asked about being a woman traveling India.Here’s top 5 India Travel Tips for Surviving Indian Culture (and surviving your travel questions about it) .:)

Part 2 of Travel Tips for India where I share tips on trip planning for India! I’ll break it down in a simple way! Read:

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GRRRLTRAVELER | Christine Kaaloa says:

NEW VIDEO OUT: May clear up some of the upset misinterpretation over this video. (Trip Planning Tips for India )

NOTE FROM THE GRRRL: Namaste! These 5 tips are the top questions I get asked as a blogger and a traveler to India. I get asked them a lot! But my first trip to India, I did encounter culture shock of a similar nature and that's the point of view I'm sharing. This video is film after my third 'backpacking trip to India' of which this time I only stayed a month. I've stayed longer in the past. I am one story, a solo American-Asian mixed female, backpacking through India.

The number #1 question I often get is about sexual harassment and rape. Almost all the time. The moment I say "India", someone tells me "Be careful– don't get raped". India has had bad press in the past and it's sadly, colored a nation. Upon being interviewed by a popular travel channel (which we all know and love), one question posed to me was about how safe I felt as a woman traveling to India. I was taken aback that the producer asked me that, considering the global span of their shows. But it shows you the media is strong. But I (and female travel blogging friends) have experienced sexual harassment. I will explain more in my video. More details on my blog:

If anyone has problems with this video, I recommend you film your own video of the India you wish to see. Be the change you wish to see vs just a passive viewer with idle complaints. Every country has it's problems and speaking to my fellow western travelers as an American, I have to be HONEST with them. My videos are to prepare travelers to EVERY country I visit as a solo female. But I attempt this in the most culturally sensitive way I can,. Unfortunately, hateful comments and trolling/stalking my India videos , colors my impression of an India I once loved and wished to promote heavily in tourism. A few bad apples CAN soil an entire barrel.

Althea Leva says:

This is so helpful! Love your videos. Thank you ❤️

Samuel Roy says:

I knew it. India is not a safe place for women at all.

Saffron Sugar says:

Open mindedness is a must for any world traveler! It can’t be fun to be the big fat small minded American guy waddling about,, dressed like an 80s toddler and whining about finding a McDonald’s! That guy should limit his vacations to package holidays. If you’re going to travel the world, do so as a world Citizen.

Harban Lutchman says:

Where did you buy your camera?
I am thinking about buying a camera that can just about doing

L.M. Powell says:

Yep that's India! Loved every second of it- and after returning home, thought it took a while, my feet finally did get clean!

Ressashem Abella says:

Really sis it so helpfull i watch it because my friend in India ask me to go there and i have no idea..about the country

YourFuture21c says:

That was hilarious, have you got any for is from Spain?

Ujjawal Karma says:

Indians should watch these videos to know how much they have to improve


I hate shithole indian culture
I don't freaking like in this shithole country
Wired culture
Cheap mentality of people
No freaking opportunities
No social freedom
I can't even earn to get out this freaking country. I feel like I better die


Well I will get rid of India at 2020
It's a relief. I shouldn't born here again if rebirth is real

frawldog says:

Try telling a dog not to lift it’s leg when pissing is same as telling Indian man to not harass women

M says:

First of don't travel to India

Freyah Mutch says:

9:15 lmao so true

MikeDiamond says:

I'm watching this video again and I still it is very good and balanced with honest perspective and reactive to how most travelers think of India. Many travelers are afraid of India or find it overwhleming. The fact you were able to travel alone as a woman is mindblowingly couragous. I know NRI men who feel intimidated about traveling there for the first time.

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