TOP 12 PERU TRAVEL TIPS! | Peru Travel Guide: Part 2

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In Part 2 of my Peru Travel Guide, I share my ultimate list of Peru travel tips that I learned while traveling through Lima, Cusco, and Machu Picchu.
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Part 1: Sneak Peek with Itinerary Highlights:
Part 2: Essential Tips to Know Before you Go:
Part 3: Cusco City:
Part 4: Sacred Valley:
Part 5: Machu Picchu:
Part 6: Lima:


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Lost LeBlanc says:

Awesome video Ashley!

Éliane Lalonde says:

On what website did you book your machu picchu tickets??

Enrico Mantales says:

About weather is not correct.January-March is summer time in Lima,but another regions like Iquitos has hot weather all the year,about 30°C every day.Every place has different weather in Peru.

Steven Lopez says:

Use Cocoa Leaves bebe

Momplaygroup Fouz says:

Great tips! I’m planning to go to Peru and your videos are very helpful!

Sandra Davis says:

Great tips…I really enjoy all your videos. Thanks for sharing!

Natalie H. says:

Great video!! I’m glad I stumbled upon this

TravelingDiva2018 says:

Thank you for these great tips and I'm a new subscriber; (just subscribed yesterday), so I'm playing catch-up by binge watching your videos! LOL! Great channel!

Javier Vera says:

That's greatt.

Pablo Yong says:

The great thing about peruvian food is that almost everywhere the food is great, its not some elitist thing, any restaurant in a street corner somehwere will be amazing.

Kelsey H says:

I am going to Peru in January and I am so excited!

Gabriela says:

I live in Lima Peru and it's amazing but can be very unsafe

Siobhan Branigan says:

Can anyone tell me what type of injections I'll need to get if I'm coming from Europe to Peru?

Galapagos Travel Expert says:

Great tips! thanks for this useful video. Peru + Galapagos is the perfect combination! ask the experts to receive the best tips.

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