Tools of Travel Photography

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At its best, travel photography combines two passions, travel and photography. David H. Wells indulges those two passions in his work as an award winning internationally traveled publication photographer. David brings to this 90 minute presentation four decades of experience in photography around the globe. David is also a veteran photo educator who was named “Best Workshop Instructor” in a Photo District News Reader Survey.

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woolybugger1962 says:

Amazing photographs and loads of valuable tips and information. One of the best B&H presentations in quite some time

Marc Synwoldt says:

Admittedly, my first thought was, like, "Talk about overcaffeinated", but once you make it beyond that point, David Helfer Wells has a lot offer, and he has a clever way of packaging it in "mantras" that you will be more likely to remember and actually apply when you are in the situation. Personally, I took away a lot from the presentation, even if perhaps less so in terms of groundbreakingly new insights but more as a reminder of old photography "rules" and for the sheer inspiration from the images he shows.

Colleen Oliver says:

That explanation of quality of light and times to shoot by shadow great tip

Christopher Coppola says:

Awesome presentation. I always learn so much from these

Noealz Photo says:

little to long for me but I still enjoyed 🙂

Bill Devins says:

Enjoyed your presentation. You should consider opening a YouTube channel.

Amit Kandir says:

Being an "Indian"..let me make things easy…."Mantra = Formula" to do something. It could be spiritual, it could be materialistic. Or…we can simply say "Principals" Or "Rules"..

Mac West says:

Very informative

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