Too Many People Want to Travel

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Tourism has surged in recent decades, causing large-scale environmental degradation, dangerous conditions, and pricing-out locals at major tourist sites. In this episode of The Idea File, Atlantic staff writer Annie Lowrey explains over-tourism and what we can do to fix it.

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The Atlantic says:

How have free markets responded to climate change? Check out the previous episode on disaster capitalism:

Jack Vial says:

A 5 member crew had to fly transatlantic to pickup Gretas yacht and sail it back. She would have left a smaller carbon footprint if she had just taken a flight both ways.

Midazc says:

You can't be serious and have someone say "there is some evidence that tourism is great", not mention the evidence, not mention the effects that global connectivity might(?) be due to just a small portion of global travel. Are selfie travelers opening up the world or are they just trampling around on it?

We need to take climate change way more serious and not be so lighthearted about our trampling on Venice et al, destroying our planet and local (real) living conditions. Sure, I love to travel, but I will not be flying anymore. Changing my way of traveling. Instead of hopping over, I take long journeys and savior the moment. And for the rest I can watch other people travel or read about it in travel blogs or books. We are destroying our planet with our behavior, it is not okay, it is incredibly stupid. It is not "democratization of travel", but uninspired copy paste travel. It is traveling on the backs of our kids and their kids, who will probably not get the same opportunity. Why don't we refocus our travel plans towards slow travel, local trips, volunteering or just taking a train across a continent and enjoy the in-between stops.

We Love to Roam says:

Still lots of room if you choose the road less traveled. Come on people be original, exploring is the real adventure

Grayton Goldsmith says:

Wow that was Kara and Nate!

K- Subs says:

Europe and America can afford to think about these things because they have been among the richest for centuries. For developing countries they need every source of income and some of it is even a huge percentage of the country's GDP like Thailand who needs the income to invest in the other sectors. It's unfair for all the developed country suddenly pushing all of this when they did the same things decades ago when they were developing

1717Dave says:

The worst aspect of tourism is when people travel to iconic landmarks like the Eiffel Tower just to get instagram likes, or to just say they traveled there, and don't bother to learn more about the places they travel to, except for where all the best hubs are and stuff like that. As a result, these cities/towns/countries begin to feel less like real places and more like computer desktop backgrounds. These places obviously don't exist solely for tourists and while there is nothing wrong with wanting to see them, it's important to have a deeper understanding of the palces/people surrounding it.

Mike Smith says:

Humanity is the pest that should be eliminated.

gdwllhtnng says:

There's a hint of elitism here and a subtle disparagement of Asians and emerging middle classes as if they're not worthy enough to travel… Sorry, not sorry, but I love to travel, and part of that travel experience is seeing the excitement of everyone else who is enjoying that experience around me.

Ricardo Trevino says:

I love the underlying pseudo-elitism here. "Too many people travelling" is like "too many people buying homes/cars", or "too many people getting degrees".
Yes it's amazing what happens when the lower and middle class masses are finally able to afford the privileges of the rich few isn't it?

Deff Pluto says:

You should invest in VR addiction then make 360degree experience of tourism in VR good enough the addicts domt take a step outside of their rooms. Problem solved.

John Woods says:

Summary: too many peasants, don’t travel unless your a millionaire and aware of your footprint.

D S says:

That's why I only travel to dangerous countries

Forgan Mreeman says:

we gotta make the Earth more boring

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