Tiny windowsill garden in China (the beginning)

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Here is a little China vlog, where i start my tiny windowsill garden in our apartment. Growing vegetables is common here in China, even if you live in a city and an apartment, so I got myself a box, went to get some soil and seeds, and now I’m waiting for the little seedlings to pop up!

My dream is to eventually have a more rural home, where we can grow loads of our own veggies (much like my husbands parents). But for now, growing vegetables in an apartment is the option we have, so I went for that. I plated a purple, beautiful, flower, green beans, beet root (I brought the seeds from Sweden) and a red, leafy Chinese vegetable that can be used similarly to spinach.


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The VPN I’m using to access all the western websites from China (such as Facebook, Youtube and Instagram) is ExpressVPN. I have used since 2015, and so far I am very satisfied. You can get it here: http://bit.ly/2BgvMTI


I’m currently using an old 2009 MacBook, iMovie and the following camera gear:
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• SONY a5100 (https://amzn.to/2sSBRAG): The camera I use 95% of the time!

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• SONY 20mm/2.8 PANCAKE LENS (https://amzn.to/2t3C0QZ): Very small and handy, and I use this for all my wide angle shots.

• SONY50mm/1.8 LENS (https://amzn.to/2sREMth): The lens I use for all the close-ups and more detailed shots – wonderful colors and bokeh.


• Manfrotto Compact Action (https://amzn.to/2l7bWRJ): A relatively compact, light weight, cheap and easy to use tripod. I use it as a selfie stick sometimes too, but that can be a little clumsy haha.


My name is Miriam Follin. I’m a Swedish woman who has been living and traveling in China since 2015. Since 2017 I am married and living with my Chinese husband in Xining, Qinghai (north western China). On this channel I share the small, green and slow things that I discover here – both regarding daily life and special events/traveling.

You’ll find both stories of the people I meet, China vlogs, daily vlogs, thoughts, tips and just information about what it is like to live and travel in China (off the beaten path).


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Hanna says:

Så fin video <3

Eric XX says:

What the life!! I am really amazed by your life in this old country! Thanks for sharing 🙂

Marry Me says:

Where is this

Pang Rui says:

great vlog~Miriam~Fantastic BGM. Soothing and warm. Keep up the good job~

Bryan Greenberg says:

the title is windowsill garden, I thought you will plant flowers or herbs……vegetables really? it drives me to remember her. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jmWKix6nxvE

吃洋葱的屠夫 says:

孩子笑得好开心 可爱

3nien says:

Seriously, what do you feed that baby. He’s growing so fast.

HenryDavidT says:

Your baby looks exactly like my little nieces & nephews, when when they're your baby's age. Quite uncanny, really. My nieces & nephews also are half White, half Asian, with the boys having darker hair, like yours, while the girls having more wispy hair.

I guess us "full blooded" Asians and you "full blooded" Whites are of the past, as "mixed race" children are everywhere these days & their number will just increase exponentially in the up coming decades & centuries, blending the various "races" back to what it was like, when our ancestors were still in Africa.

Gonna be tough for some "pure blooded" folks who, ironically, yearn to "return" to the past… when we were, in actuality, more similar than different, phenotypically and genotypically…

Howard Xiao says:

you are beautiful 🙂

Zener Kuyi says:


Zimu Li says:


peekaboo peekaboo says:

Have any plans to visit Tulip exhibition in Beijing, along with the Horticulture Expo?

eric he says:


Imbibing China says:

Haha, you should move the subscribe and video suggestions down so we can still see your face at the end of the video… 🙂 Hope your little garden yields food soon!

George M* says:


allyreid says:

Do you prefer living in the small town as opposed to living in a big Chinese city?

Grumpy Bore says:

the baby is so cute!

James bless says:

Love your video…

dougiepham says:

Your family is blessed. Hope you have more beyond 1 child policy. Such a happy little guy. I got impatience flowers on my window sill, too bad I can't eat it, lol.

papalukas says:


Janfon Lee says:

Your baby looks so beautiful, I must say, I feels so bad for this baby's cheeks, From all the people squeezing this poor baby's cheeks. From morning till night. Especially out in public. God blessed all of you. Thank you for all your effort into all your production. Thanks.

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