Things to do in Seville, Spain – (budget family travel tips)

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Things to do in Seville, Spain – (budget family travel tips

Evan and family have an afternoon to explore Seville Spain and its surprising how much you can fit into 1 day in this beautiful capital of Andalusia.

Beautiful scenery, local music, and good food all feature in this short introduction to tourist hot spots and things to do in Seville. This city is highly recommended either with family or for solo travel as a hub for cultural experience including flamenco music/dancing, tapas, amazing historical monuments and practically year-around sunshine!

Special thanks to Sons of Caliber for theme song: “Falling for You” and the Free Music Database for additional tracks used in video.

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Zahra Amri says:

Keep it up mate great video

Robrobin Hembram says:

Thanks a dozen for the orange trees!!

M H says:

Excellent video. I am also planning a day trip to Seville with my family and I will be driving from Madrid. I here it’s difficult to find parking, can you recommend the place you used?
Your videos are great. Thanks

Daksh Pandya says:

Very nice video, I had recently visited Seville along with other cities and was really amazed by its beauty . I have compiled a short video of my trip

Dan Mac says:

that view in your first shot looked stunning!

Adam Waldon says:

Great video. My wife and I will be doing Malaga and Seville in a couple of weeks! Very excited.

Neeraj Bhalla says:

Hi Am planning a trip to Seville in a months time and your video is just a perfect appetiser!

AguaCero says:

Im sevillian and I loved the video. Great job!!

Beinginger says:

We're planning our holidays and out of all the monotonous and commercial Seville video's.. your's stood out and helped us in deciding on Seville. Honestly thought you had 10's of thousands of subscribers 🙂 keep up the good work! I'm sure will come across more of your videos 🙂

Anwar Rajab says:

wow you have very cool editing skills

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