There is a Better Way to Travel The World (My Secret)

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“Slow Travel” is something I define as “traveling at a reduced pace that allows for deeper immersion.” There are many different ways to make this happen and in this piece I share why I prefer to do things way and how I make it a reality in my life.


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0:00 – Intro
1:04 – Part I: How I have made this happen for myself + why I prefer to do things this way
9:09 – Part II: Logistics and how to make this actually happen

Resources that I found helpful:

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An extensive guide for working holiday visas →

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3 ways to extend your stay in a foreign country →

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Pete James says:

Very true. Great video

Yovana Reyes says:

loved the video

julia bean says:

being an au pair in italy was the best decision i ever made. at the time i had practically no money but i had enough saved for a flight to rome so i just went for it. it's great if youre young and broke because not only are you given room and board but legally (in the EU at least) families have to give you an allowance each week. for me this was enough to travel to different parts of italy on weekends. also living with a family (if theyre not, yaknow, awful) is an amazing way to experience a culture. the only downside of au pairing, in my experience at least, is that it can be hard to learn the language of the country youre in since you're forced to speak your native language with the children. if you're young, have no money or concrete plans for the future, i'd say au pairing is the way to go. i just graduated college and am going to be an au pair in spain later this year 🙂

Shirley Diwert says:

Most visa now only allow you to sty 3 to 6 months unless you have receipts you paid for a 1 year course (schegn law of 2015) unless your pants have EU citizenship you can only stay 3 months, then not my choices, only morocco lose for 90 days. So your video is not true, only for duel with EU being citizen. 3 months in europe with study of language I nothing

bucket traveler says:

I kinda did this with bicycle touring. Most people want to ride a certain minimum a day but I was like 'eh, this town looks great, why push on?'. It took me a 18 months to ride from the US to Panama where a lot of cyclists ride from Alaska to Argentina in one year. I'd find somewhere to stay, working in hostels is great, and really get to know a city and it's people. There is no way I'd do it differently if I had the choice even though I didn't meet my goals of making it to Brazil. I watch backpacker's videos jump around only spending a few nights in one place and I kinda feel like they aren't getting the whole experience.

OwenRULESSS says:

Lmaoo who has 6 months

Curious Karli says:

I love your approach and really resonate with your style!

Jamie Plummer says:

What is a good budget to set before jumping in like this? I just graduated college and I’m torn between going with the small budget I have in savings (4K) or staying at home and working full time for a year and aggressively saving.

Partha Kalita says:

8:36 i smile and liked the video.
(Bernardo bacalhau ) His channel is GOLD

gre schoe says:

volvé a argentina y vení a uruguay

Knowledge Is Key says:

I spend all my time scrolling through Google maps tapping on random places to find the most beautiful and underrated places in the world.

So far I have a list of 400+ places that are absolutely gorgeous.

Jose Castro says:

Nice narrative and video quality!!

Can Arat says:

Lol as he talks I'm thinking how is staying in another country 6 months cheaper than a week. If you don't work there 6 months you'll go broke. Or you are really rich. Sure the longer you stay, many things will be cheaper relatively but in total you'll spend 10 times more. How can you go to a country for 6 months lol except you are carrying your job with u ?

Nirvana Naidoo says:

Thank you, Harry Potter, thank you. Really enjoyed the cheese-free advice. There are too many people promoting smoke and mirrors plans.

Alexzandrite says:

I like the concept of slow traveling. Thank you for sharing your tips!

Taylor Tingey says:

This might seem insignificant but I appreciate you mentioning that you do edit a lot of your shots like the one at the beginning with the water! I love to know when the content creators I watch are realistic! ❤️

Jolina Gan says:

Love your content! I deeply resonate with your perspective on traveling. I've always preferred to take my time in a new city or town rather than to cram as many destinations as possible into a 1-week itinerary.
On a side note,

You got to meet Massimo Bottura!!

Maxim Bollansée says:

Lovely video!

Where the Jones says:

We can’t do it anyway but slow. Years on the road slow doesn’t get you burnt out. Hate fast travel and hard to get to know people.

FIR Logic says:

Thank you for this beautiful video! Loved what you said! And loved the images. I lived in Italy for 13 years and I miss it deeply! I really love your way of travelling and even tho I don't have the possibility of saying for 6 months wherever I like going, we love speaking to local people in our trips, going on smaller streets, eating the local cuisine… we try making the best of it..

Nate Socrates says:

5:22 – is that Bergamo?

Brandi Sweetwater says:

I appreciate your totally unique advice and experiences. I also appreciate your demeanor. Easy to listen to.

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