THE TRUTH ABOUT INDIA: Expectation vs Reality | India Travel Tips

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Time to bash some misconceptions and myths about India! A lot of travellers hear rumours about how India is smelly, unsafe and dirty. After my one month long trip, I want to share my experiences on these common topics!

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Rohit Banik says:

See man every country has its positive site s as well as negative so don't be so negative about our country if I start saying about your country negativeness you will be expose openly so don't be so negative

vedika shetty Vedika shetty says:

First of all thanks for visiting INDIA
but INDIA is best in there own ways
INDIA spread love to every one in this world ,thats the power of india
please visit SOUTH INDIA n comment about INDIA ………..
U can see the best places n experience a great culture ……… thank u

Be a guy says:

Aly,you are doing well, lot of love from India and I like your channel name

My Big Dragon says:

Indian cities are dirty. Can't deny.

Vigneshwaran Narayanamurthy says:

#AthithiDevoBhava Welcome to India. Love to you from India.

NEGI- G says:

We don't need your shitty opinion for India or about its travel.I have just wasted my time seeing your opinions.You are very clever, you are just insulting India by using some fake good compliments. Very clever girl… and very shameful too…

ankush sharma says:

Super cool video and very informative to other persons who are planning to visit India.
Welcome to our country and do visit frequently because we are progressing day by day…..
Happy to here your views…

And BC ye itne dislike kon kr raha hai….

Mriganku Saharia says:

Now this the new technique of the western youtubers – Make any particular video on INDIA. You will earn a lot of views.

rahulraj148 says:

Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam (वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम्) "World is a family". We are all brothers and sisters. Believe in humanity and let the peace prevail.

dhanashree bada says:

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR DOING THIS!!! This really means a hell lot and its so nice to see how someone finally recognized and appreciated the diversity of the Indian culture 🙂

Bengal Biker says:

Boring video

yasirnoe says:

Why are you so pissed off and why are you screaming ? Please calm down.

RapistAndFalse ProphetMuhammed says:

I am from India and dislike this stupid country ! I only want to live in a Catholic nation and not with dirty gods .

To Release is To Resolve says:

Indians do shit in the street, the beach, the river. This isn't a myth, about a third of their population don't have toilets. There is plenty of evidence.

Abhijeet Nagvanshi says:

I don't know what you westners think about India but its just not a piece of land its a land of diversity where you would find different types of people, culture, food, well travelling in India is just not a tour its an adventure

Tholu Mao says:

Make a trip to North East India

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