The TINDER of TRAVEL Photography Destinations

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Kotor, Montenegro might be the Tinder of travel destinations. This is the story about how I got here.
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Travel photography means that you’re never home for long. It can also mean that you – like me – don’t have a home. Travel photography, though, eases the pain of not having a home by leading you to beautiful destinations like Trento, Italy and Kotor, Montenegro.
This is a travel photography vlog that leads me from Canada to Italy to Montenegro where I fly in helicopters, explore the streets, and – obviously – take some photos.
In the end, I’m back in Kotor, Montenegro. It’s one of my favourite places in the world to take pictures. And I’m having so much fun wandering around this beautiful city with my camera around my neck. Even if it is the tinder of travel photography destinations.


Justin Cooksey says:

Yeah, I wasnt sure where you were going with the Tinder analogy…. LOL

Denis Smajic says:

Hey Brendan, Montenegro is really beautiful ! You should also come to Bosnia and Herzegovina, especially to Bihać and the river Una in the National park Una, you'll be amazed by the pristine nature we have here!

Brian Bakale says:

Brendan, you have convinced me to get off tinder:)

David Senteno says:

Black and White for sure. What an interesting city. So much to see and shoot.

Tom Hadley says:

Brendan, just wanted to say a thank you, just booked a trip to the Philippines and your recent videos have been a huge inspiration to make that journey!

TP-vision Photo says:

willportugal be on the base list? we will see 😛

TP-vision Photo says:

omg, it was 3y ago :O Time goes fast 🙂

Sandra Potisek says:

I've heard so many great things about Montenegro! Definitely need to make it down there soon.

Ulrich Bierwisch says:

I prefer the blue sky. You can do black&white 23h a day but on those few minutes, when the blue is perfect, I would take it as it is.

UFGator1972 says:

Hey Brendan, don't you ever take snap shots? Memories are important as well.

James Shannon says:

Photograph all the cats! 😛

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