The 7 Best Nikon Tricks Ever!

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NOTE: These tips are intended for Nikon’s mid and pro range bodies –
they are not for the D3xxx and D5xxx series. Also not every camera supports every tip.

So, want to know my 7 favorite Nikon tricks? Then you came to the right video! If you have a Nikon D7xxx or higher, you’ll love these secret customizations! I use each and everyone of them and they have made my life way easier – check out the video and see for yourself!

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J Rivera says:

Fantastic video presenting Nikon's excellence in its cameras. I will be ordering your book too.

H D Pınar says:

thanks for this good explanation. It helps for amateurs to improve themselves

raman rauni says:

Best tricks.. thanks alot

Janet Hartley says:

So glad I found you!! I'm going back to basics after a 4 year slump and you are just what the doctor ordered. Thanks a ton for reminding me what a gorgeous toy I have to play with. You're a natural teacher. Thanks so much, Steve. Much obliged x x x

Henkje1964 says:

Storing Focus point and orientation is nice, but why not Store the Autofocus mode too ???? That would be amazing. Switching automatically from AFS-S (vert) to AFC-3D (hor) through orientation….!

Okidoke says:

Hi Steve, I have a D750 and I"m wondering if one can disable the LCD from firing up when I'm using that movie button ISO trick.

Vanhelsing Camo says:

Is that d7000

Resnick14 says:

This doesn't have to be an 11 min video, a lot of the tips can be merged with less drama.

Raad Mohammed says:

I love this presentation, to the point, short and sharp, and very useful unlike some others who spend half of the time waffling about non-related issues before they get into the subject. Sure I am subscribing


Thank you sir …… Needed information.

Joseph Andrade says:

Thank you! This has been helpful and had moment of ahh I didn’t know you could do that

Barry Brown says:

Thanks Steve great tips I can use love your videos…..many thanks

Joe Beasant says:

Great video, love the zoom to check focus in review, supremely useful, thank you. The Zoom in LiveView however is giving me trouble, the options are there but pressing OK to zoom just seems to liberate the focus point to do a random visit of every known focus point in view without zooming at all. D7100 if that makes any odds.

eric stogner says:

Eric Stogner, great tips made my photography much easier.

ARW IMAGES - Arthur Walwin says:

Mate, this was so good!

Gary Haigh says:

Hi Steve, was it you that showed us how to set a custom control function button/dial to turn auto ISO on off easily without going through the menu's. If so i can't remember how to access this so could you briefly explain again please. Thanks, This is on my D500.?

Hatanbaatar Magsarjalam says:

Cool video. Thank you.

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