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Learn the basics of Astro Photography. Start capturing stars and the Milky Way! We cover camera settings, gear and secret tricks to get amazing night sky photos. Also of this is covered in less than 6 minutes by professional Astro Photographer Stan Moniz! This is your beginner’s guy to Star Photography. Start taking better night time photos!

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* Sony paid my way to come to test the 24mm f/1.4 lens. No other compensation has been made and the opinions on this video and lens are my own

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Any professional inquires please email: chris@knowhaumedia.com

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Chris Hau says:

Where are you guys all from!? Can you take photos of STARS where you are? If not – where do you want to go to get ASTRO bangers??

R Hogarth says:

I realize that this video is a year old, but I was wondering if you have used the Tokina 20mm f2.0 Firin lens for astrophotography and if so, what were your thoughts on it?

Aushra Shivitskis says:

I don't see the PDF 🙁

obi squaw says:

David spade throwing down his knowledge.

Sanu James says:

Subscribed, enjoyed Diz video mate

Wayne G says:

Please stop saying dope.

Ash P says:

Say Dope one more time.

Audrey Lohkamp says:

great video. I absolutely adore it. Follow my channel if you like!

benedikt Gylfason says:

love that 66 north jacket

Andy Bullen says:

That was super useful! Gonna give this a shot….

Abdullah Almousalli says:

What about doing astrophotography with a car? Would you be able to dial the settings in to get it all in one shot, or would you take two shots that focus on each subject 1) the stars and then 2) the car then put them together in photoshop?

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