Stuck in Yosemite (BooHoo) & 5 Yosemite Mistakes & Travel Tips

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After making multiple mistakes when visiting Yosemite National Park from their RV, the RV Odd Couple shares 5 Yosemite travel tips. They share about their reaction to seeing Yosemite Park for the first time and show Yosemite time lapse. This video describes Yosemite tips and tricks to make the most of your visit to Yosemite National Park.

The RV Odd Couple invites you to visit them at Yosemite Lakes RV Resort. Only a few miles away from the entrance of Yosemite Park, the RV Odd Couple shares about the best time to visit Yosemite Lakes campground.

This Yosemite National Park Vacation Travel Guide focuses on. Traveling mistakes. As professional mistake makers, the RV Odd Couple shares, what not to do in Yosemite!

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We’re the RV Odd Couple, and we sold our house and most of all our possessions to live in an RV, with freedom, independence and adventure. (with our toddler and dog). We documented the process to transition into full-time RV living with our family and experienced the RV travel mistakes that you shouldn’t have to. This channel aims to provide you with valuable trailer travel tips and tricks, RV life basics, and motorhome beginners tips. We also plan to upload some of our fifth wheel RV vlog adventures as we travel the country too! If you’re into traveling vlogs, RV country traveling, or want to start full time RV living on the right foot, join us as we take on the adventure of our lives.

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David Barbour says:

You guys are awesome, love the information you put out. It helps us see places that we can't get to for what ever reason. And Mercedes looks like old school Wonder Woman, I was waiting for her to spin and suit up. Enjoy you travels and please continue dragging us along. Thank you

Bri I says:

May is absolutely the best month to visit, as long as it's before Memorial Day weekend. That weekend the park turns into a giant parking lot and it's miserable times two.

Robin Jones says:

I'm glad to see your video I'm thinking about going up to suemandy in August would like some feedback about that and I'd like to know how much it cost to get in been there once for a 16 but I can barely remember it I want to do some hiking and taking some beautiful pictures can you give me some advice and some phone numbers I call so I can get some more information thank you for your lovely videos that you are doing

Susan Bates says:

I'm looking for a economical priced Gimbal for under 100 dollars. That will work on my Samsung Galaxy s10 plus phone. If not a Gimbal what do you recommend?? And what free editing app for editing videos on my Samsung Galaxy s10 plus phone??

Wendy Schonhardt says:

You guys are amazing and I really do enjoy your vulnerabilities and your sharing so much with us. So keep it up and my prayers are with you.

David Gregory says:

Praying for you all and that you meet good people and make tons of friends. God bless all.

Gary Lowe says:

One more retired Law Enforcement Odd Squad member

Dave Hunt says:

brave brave people. …. but most rv people are awesomeness. I would love to meet y'all, but central Florida is a bit of a drive from you. love you guys. you are blessed, and we are blessed by you.

Dru-Anne Hartley says:

So on my bucket list now.
Thanks for the video
Aw inspiring

Kyle Pifer says:

Such a beautiful place!!!

Chicadoo 4 says:

We live in Fresno and take it for granted, it’s so refreshing to see it all through your eyes!! Very happy Thousand Trails has been so cool about the sweet birds 🙂 You guys have such big hearts, you were easy nesting targets haha Keep up the awesome videos!

Montana Nomad says:

Great time just there lot of fire damage

mbutler400 says:

Thank you. Do not even have an RV right now. Due to some health issues my husband has it may be the only way we can travel, just not in a position to do it right now. Love the pics and videos. Thanks again.

nurse28707 says:

The Yosemite National Park website for Tioga Rd and Glacier Point openings have them labeled closed until Glacier Point opened only to be closed again when the new snow storm hit this past week. Is this vid current as to upload date? Last year I waited for the road closure info to say OPEN while touring the west so I could run in on a Tuesday at dawn! Never happened. Unfortunately, a family member needed surgery and I returned to the east coast. The road opened a week later. Now I'm sitting at home debating should I leave or wait until after Memorial day to head out and I see this vid that you were traveling on Hwy 120, the road I need to get in on. Any info to offer? I don't want to use the other entrances…is that how you got in?

Addy Frazer says:

I went hiking and camping there with my sister and brother in law last summer. We only went for 2 days (1 night), and it was INSANE! It was my first real hike and we hiked around 14 miles over 2 days! This summer, they are taking me to Yosemite again and we are hiking 27 miles in 4 days!! I’m really nervous but I’m bringing my camera and tripod this time!!

Sherman Henry says:

Hope that works out for you….Great video..I wish I were close, would love to meet you in person…Good Luck!!!

Steve Davis says:

Well Done! Excellent footage & editing. I don't know if I will be able to get there in my travels, I hope so. I literally live vicariously through the work you do. Peace & Love…….:]

Lena Dempsey says:

Appreciate honesty and sharing your mistakes as well as your joys in RV life. I want to do it, my family is against me taking off alone. But I will do it.

Herb McDonnell says:

Well done & said…We went during the 'shoulder season'. A lot less people, nice weather & no issues going wherever we wanted. Downside : VERY dry, very little to no water at falls. Being a photographer there are GREAT opportunities for night shots. I was up till 2:00 a.m. several nights without realizing. RV-ers : very few sites over 25'+ feet inside the park and the private ones are a fair piece away. Reservations need to be made a year in advance in a lot of cases to stay inside. Places to sight see are spread out and a long ways away. We put on over 500 miles in 4 days. Gas inside the Park is expensive so be prepared. All that said; its a magnificent place to see and we'll be returning soon.

Steve Blanck says:

That is a good place to be stuck!

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