Smart Phone Photography Tips and Tricks/ Creative instagram pictures 2019/ Giveaway 📷

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I’m sharing my recent AMAZING MOBILE PHOTOGRAPHY tips and hacks to get really creative pictures to post on Instagram. Now you can use PIVO to create amazing photography effects, recreate celebrity pictures with mobile phone, multiple images in one shot, and so much more.

ENTER THE GIVEAWAY to win a 2 Pivos : Criteria
1.) mention your favorite Pivo Feature?
2.) Follow both

💁🏻‍♀️That’s it! You can win a Pivo and create some exciting content for your social media. can’t wait to see what you come up with.

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Glory Solomon says:

Wow! It's difficult to pick a favorite feature… I love the face tracking feature most❤

TheLongView says:

I love the auto tracking most. 🙂

Holly Wymore says:

Since I do video to share with people about my work in South America, I like the tracking an object mode that allows the phone to follow you as you move. It's like having an expert filming you. I need one of these.

Terri Walker says:

I think the auto tracking is my favorite feature

Sandra Gonzalez says:

I loved the many me feature! Such a cool idea

Srinia Chowdhury says:

Love the face tracking feature. I am a ceramist and i need good pictures with my work for the portfolio. This feature is life changing! The cinemagraph could just push my making and showing my works in new way to the world! Omg i love this product!! Please give it to me!

Christine Lunsford says:

Object tracking and 50/50 to make videos – super cool idea for my musician #GoPivo

Tamara W says:

Not having to beg my kids to videotape me! And putting up with our ball rolls from the boyfriend! Hard to say which feature though they are also amazing!

saintfee says:

besides the awesome tracking feature and the obvious easy handling I really really love the size of pivo. you can just carry it with you where ever you go. just put it in your purse, in your handbag. it's your perfect companion for everyday use and all the special occasions.

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