Singapore Travel Tips 2019: 11 Things to Know Before Visiting Singapore!

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Singapore Travel Tips 2019: 11 Things to Know Before Visiting Singapore!
Just wanted to share a few things i learned during my time in Singapore. Some because i’d done proper research, others because i’d made mistakes and some others well… i guess i just wasn’t lucky!

Links mentioned:
Entry in to Singapore / visa Requirements
For Australian passport holders, you only need a visa for business or tourism if your visit is over 90 days, so for my stay in Singapore, i didnt need to apply for a visa or anything – as long as i had a valid passport, i was good to go.

Singapore MRT Fare guide:
Check how much it costs to commute via MRT / LRT

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that time i got a MISTAKE UPGRADE to Singapore Airlines BUSINESS CLASS:

Staying at a SINGAPORE CAPSULE HOTEL! (cheap accomodation in singapore)


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Janice Fung says:

Have i missed anything? let me know if you have any additional insider tips on travelling Singapore!

francisco breva says:

must be your hawkers food or your eating utensils… or something else that was pass on to your mouth that caused the sickness..

Hao Jun Neo says:

If you go to a polyclinic it’ll only cost around $0.60 for each pack of medicine. And $6 for the consultation.

Lee Micheka says:

Actually some clinics open on weekends… but you have to google it … and if you are staying in sg for 3-5 days …. it’s better to get a 3 day or 5 day MRT pass for tourists only !

Ferlin Kurniawan says:

Hi janice, so if we transit to Singapore we can't go to jewel changi?

Beatrice Javier says:

Love your vids!! Just a question, which Hawker centre is the home of the michelin stars?

Stllno says:

Great tips!!

Tan James says:

Alamak! (OMG!) You went to one of the most expensive $$$ hospital. Luckily you did not awarded for a day there. That one day can pay for your return ticket to Vietnam.
You can get the medicine, around $10 at dispensary in most shopping mall for minor sickness. There’s qualified pharmacist in attendance from 11am.
Local clinic will probably cost around 1/3 of what you paid at that hospital.

vσíd says:

i only clicked cause im Singaporean
p.s we are NOT from china so ofc we can speak English but we believe in being bilingual so we speak our mother tongue as well
sorry kinda get triggered cause alot of people think we are part of china

Zhi lin Chin says:

Another item people usually use to 'chope' seats in a hawker centre is an umbrella so do take note during your next trip

aleeya umairah says:

Im singaporean and u should try bubble tea is nice!!!!!

RUSSTY says:

U swung by the most expensive hospital in SG. There are private clinics that operate during weekends- still expensive, but way cheaper than Raffles Hospital. Anything with “Raffles” issa premium, period… Raffles Hotel, for instance!

Alvin's TV says:

Actually that are some clinic that are still open on weekend. And I do suggest to see Gov hospital instead of private hospital. There are rule and offence to know if u coming to singapore. Like u only can bring a certain amount of bubble gum or chewing gum into Singapore. Make sure you bring your own water bottle as some of the places there are water cooler to refill the water.

Steve Leech says:

Janice I love your Videos Thank you

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