Samantha Brown Shares 2020 Travel Tips

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Samantha Brown, host of “Places To Love”, shares her top travel destinations of 2020.

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AJ Obeidallah says:

I LOVE Samantha Brown I've been a fan of hers since she came out she is a travel icon And she's one of the most talked about and most well known travel experts of ALL TIME I'm so excited to hear her speak and meet her at the Los Angeles Travel and Adventure show We love you Miss Brown.

News Junkie says:

She's a total babe

James Laumand says:

Hay Sam I’m confused back on tv no travel ch. I miss you love Walt Disney why don’t you go back there reunion I watch it and have you met Racheal ray I loved watching her on travel ch. oh I like new show bigfoot show. Why you go on Racheal ray show. I love germany go there girls Porsche track. I can’t I still love Palm Springs I’m moving there.

nafeesa says:

we have a list of all the cities in the world to look at if anyone's interested.

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