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If you’re nervous about your trip because you don’t know the rules for London, watch this video. You’ll learn basic and advanced travel tips for Americans visiting London.

I’m an American living in London and these travel tips are based on my six year of being here, married to an English man.

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Otacatapetl says:

Pretty spot-on, but one dangerous mistake about zebra crossings: legally, drivers aren't obliged to stop unless you have at least one foot on the crossing. If you're just waiting on the pavement, they may stop, and often do, but they're not forced to.

fattwat1 says:

We don't say under construction we would say being renovated in the UK that's if it's an older building

fattwat1 says:

She ment bollocks

Joe Tee says:

Don’t forget to wait for people to get off the tube before you get on…

Ptolemy says:

Big Ben is a bell, the Elizabeth Tower isn't "under construction", ffs. There's nothing wrong with being a tourist, posting pure bullshit on YouTube, on the other hand…

Cath Robilliard says:

I was accosted by a group of American women in the Ladies toilets of a department store, all of them moaning to me about sinks having hot and cold taps (faucets), not a unitap (I didn't even work there!) I'm sorry but old buildings tend to come with old plumbing – there is a technique you can learn to wash your hands when using them, and we'll no doubt get around to upgrading them all in good time (but please be patient as they are everywhere – and don't take it out on the nearest Brit).

Dave Coyle says:

Just dont go there ! London is no longer an English city go out of the city and meet real brits !

johnlochness says:

Another is… if you want to look at your map don't just stop in the middle of everyone's path, this drives Londoners nuts, especially during rush houir when they're trying to get to work.

mst5000 says:

How will Brexit impact tourists?

Doreen Patterson says:

If you want to get technical about having a brew solving everything. What a brew or a pint does is take out the initial sting. It then gives you breathing space to try and work out your next step. Instead of rushing in and making a decision based on feelings and not on common sense and facts!

gnhansen29 says:

I found the Londoners to be very friendly and helpful.

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