Richard & Ellie Taylor on Madrid's art | Travel Man Extra

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Richard explores some of the Spanish capital’s most famous, infamous and not famous at all points of interest in the company of comedian Ellie Taylor on a 48 hour free for all that takes in art, alcohol, ham and church devoted to ducks. In these exclusive deleted scenes Richard kicks Ellie out of his room & Ellie critiques Madrid’s art. To watch the full show click here –

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Amanda Hall says:

Couldn't get rid of Eddie Vedder he's still knocking around. Never truer words spoken. Priceless insights.

Vee Macks says:

It's like the Travel Man team are taunting us that we won't be getting any more Richard in future. Yes, we get it. Let us mourn the loss of him from the show.

mouth4war says:

Bill Hicks? Richard is a man of taste.

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