Real Estate photography tips / How to shoot inside houses with low light

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With digital cameras and even phones getting better and better as well as cheaper and cheaper, many realtors are choosing to shoot their own properties and houses rather than hiring a professional photographer. I am going to give you a few quick tips on how to shoot rooms in their best “light.”
Get it, best light…. Hahahaha

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Clyde Digital says:

Hilarious on a certain level.

Brian Eliel says:

Which lens? Cannon 14mm Rectilinear?

CraftyCat says:

There's something to be said about the way you say the word, "My". Yeah, you lost me…

chinh luan says:

Why Have not sharpness.?

Dintalks says:

Awesome video.
Hey, I’m David from Dintalks.
We’ll like to work with you on a video.
Please send me your email so I’ll send the details.

Jerral Jerome says:

The obvious question is… what camera do you have? Thats all we need to know

Jonathan Lockwood says:

Here is a photography tip. Next time try reducing the amount of headroom in your frame. It looks unprofessional.

Richard Death says:

What happened to your audio?

Manny Costales says:

What donyou use for Virtual Tours? What platform? And can you share one of your walkthrough videos?

Daisy Ornelas says:

I just found your channel and its incredibly helpful!! I had a question in regards to lenses for a canon. I'm not an aspiring photographer however i have always wanted to photograph the northern lights. By any chance do you know of any lenses that would get the job done? Would the canon 50mm lense work? My budget is under $100. Hope you can reply back. Thank you so much!!

Richard A. Phillips says:

It would have been nice if you could have given the focal lengths, especially for the wide angle shots.

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