Police Helicopter comes for doing night photography – Brinks Cerritos Ca

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Doing some stuff with SGV News First, along the way we stopped near a brinks office in Cerritos, they went nuts! Total thugs. Wanna be ms13. Police Helicopter came and everything. Stick around for the demolitioning of a bridge in Santa Fe Springs…

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Stephen Bradley says:

The cops sent a $500,000+ machine that costs $400 an hour to operate to check on two photographers. You should definitely FOIA that 911 call.

XiON says:

You can't shine a light at the chopper but you can use a mirror

david allen says:

Wow. Hanging out around an armored car dispatch center at night taking pictures. That's not suspicious at all..

Sharpshooter 250 says:

How do you Rob Brinks ??
Have two guys show up with camera's …

Chloe Hennessey says:

I’m a helicopter pilot. I fly an EC-135 and an MD Explorer. Hovering down low is when we burn a lot of fuel up. Flying over to you and goofing off overhead for 5 minutes burned about $450 worth of fuel.

James Schoonmaker says:

It’s all about their ego. They want to think their job is more important than it is. Hope all their dumbass lose their jobs

Scott H says:

SGV is the boss

Joshua Manson says:

That dude was about to cry so many times

Jacob Martinez says:

Man I thought those gangsters was going to jump you guys.

Mr. Sherlocked says:

Nothing sexual about a long arm jackhammer busting a flat bridge apart. Oh, Brinks hates America!

Gord King says:

These idiots need to get a life and stop bothering people at work assholes

Björn Larsson says:

great intro, ur a real pro

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