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ANOTHER MONTH DOWN! 2018 where you going so fast?
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For April, I decided I really wanted to challenge myself to follow my gut and get outside of my comfort zone. I don’t verbalize this much and plan to talk about it more, but one of the biggest side effects of my anxiety is I tend to (unknowingly) slowly seclude myself to a tightly knit comfort zone and the longer I stay in it, the more anxious it makes me to step outside of it. It’s something that really came to light to me over the last 6 months and so I’ve been proactively pushing past it by trusting myself, trusting the Universe and learning to embrace impulse and seeing all things as an adventure.
It’s for that reason I decided to challenge myself to not just talk the talk, but walk the walk. Go explore and maybe find a few of life’s many pockets of wisdom along the way. Here is how I prepped for it!

PLAN WITH ME // March + How I Edit My Instagram


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Moonstone says:

I would love to go to France

Victoria Watson says:

OMGG I love Nicholas Sparks!! I'm from N.C. so living in Tennessee and reading his books makes me feel like I'm home! You need to visit Southport N.C. It's where Safe Haven was based. Thats my hometown and it's as small town as he makes it sound. You would love it there!!

Roche says:

Please don't visit the elephant "sanctuaries" in Thailand! Please check thoroughly to see where they get the elephants from, and how they treat them. So many of them are exploited and tortured just so that tourists will pay to see them.

Carmen Felbauer says:

Where did u get this super cute stickers for your macbook?❤️
Btw i love ur vids they‘re so aesthetic

Nicole Kates says:

Your positive vibes and bentley's bag made me smile <3 Hope you have a great time anywhere you go 🙂

Leena Joshi says:

Why ain't you going on your road trip with Greg?

Sanskriti Barua says:

New York City!!!

Hana Vahalíková says:

If I could I would go to Iceland an LA. #goalz

Audrey Guillen says:

This video is right on point, I was freaking out a little about planning my next trip ! I am going to Thailand from the 15th to the 30th of April, I hope I will randomly bump into you in Bangkok 😉

Chelsea Burton says:

That's so crazy.. Im traveling to Oklahoma at the end of April to visit my aunt❤

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