Photography Tips: The Key to Capturing Emotion

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Madonna. Bruce Springsteen. The Who. Joe Montana. Those are just a few of the famous stars photographer Michael Zagaris has photographed. Zargaris or “Z Man” shares his tips on how to get close to your subjects, even if they’re famous, and the key to capturing priceless moments.

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Albert Shroyer says:

Terrific interview and very helpful information, thank you!

Minjun Kim says:

Amazingly well done interviews. Please keep on making those. Please. Let us know how we could help you fund for what you're doing. This must go on.

Max Shean says:

Loving your channel! Finally one that is about pure photography and not about the latest gear. Keep up the good work!

Owen Tighe says:

Super interesting interview.

Vienna Emmaline Teschen says:

Great interview. Thank you!

Majo Peroni says:

wow!! this is so inspiring!! love the tips about becoming part of what you're shooting!

Llewyn Lloyd Llewynson says:

1:57 who was this again? I feel like i know his name but dont seem to remember it
thanks 🙂

Diana M. says:

I love these inside looks and tips from great photographers! It is really helping the beginners.
Personally I learned many useful things from your videos! Thanks, greetings from Romania! 🙂

Jim Meskimen says:

Great interview, very engaging.

Martin Turner says:

Great tips! Now, "all" I have to do is remember to apply them (at the best opportunity)!!! :0)

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