Photography Tips: How to find photos when the location's 'boring'.

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When us photographers can’t find something interesting to photograph it’s not the location that’s boring – it’s our imagination letting us down. I find it hard to get excited about where I live because I’ve seen it all thousands of times before. But in truth it’s a beautiful place and I’m lucky to live here. So I forced myself to go out shooting and film it so you can see how I got on.

The trick is to get out there and start taking photos instead of complaining how dull the place is. Really look around you, look at the light and imagine what someone else would think of the place. As you begin shooting you’ll start to see more images and the whole creative process snowballs.

Just because somewhere is ‘boring’ to us, doesn’t mean it’s a boring place to photograph.

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Michael Ranger says:

hi I have seen some of your videos now and am going to take one of your courses …have you done a video or covered camera maintenance and lens cleaning i.e. should isopropanol be used on a coated lens or neat alcohol type issues

Juan Carlos Lopez says:

Love the British country side! Wish I could go back!

NV Creators says:

Wish I would meet you if God permits

NV Creators says:

Try to compare master paintings of landscape and portraits of masters with photography. That would be a nice tutorial and I would like to see your views about that.

NV Creators says:

Hi Mike,
Very nice tutorials you're making. Actually I'm a professional photographer, but I believe that everyday we should learn many things, no matter whatever our level or expertise in our profession is. In that context, I have been watching your videos for a while, and found it to be very interesting. So, keep up the good work. I look forward for many more videos like this from you.

Lukas Pukenis says:

I really like the video, the whole thought out loud process of it. It was very relaxing and the photos you captured were brilliant

Reyes Fargas says:

Your awesome I live in a forest its hard to get inspired. But you sir have inspired me. Thank YOU

Twiglet 78 says:

Hi thanks for this video, I enjoyed it a lot. I have a strange question, but I am wondering if it is just me or if others experience it too. When you close one eye when looking in the view finder, does your other eye feel heavy and strained after spending a while taking photos? I have had to stop closing one eye because I think it might damage my sight in the long term. It feels like one eye has had a work out and the other hasn't. Do you find this or am I just weird?

Violeta Contreras says:

Awesome video! I recently took some photos of identical looking berries too!

Scott CJ McKelvie says:

Very interesting video and inspirational, very helpful as much of that I often overlook, will need to try scouting around the small things myself at some point, great video and love the overhead view of the mushroom, so effective and reminds me of good stock images.

Shaun Stricklin says:

I'm really liking your vids and the way you teach is wonderful, really grabs my attention.

Thomas Meurot says:

really helpful and inspiring videos you do, thanks mate!! One of the best channel I found to teach me as a newcomer into the world of photos

Ashley Stubbings says:

I live almost in the dead centre of Sherwood Forest, so i know what you mean!

Iain Geoghan says:

I have found it the best feeling in the world when you nail a great shot in these places that bore you to death!

Колдовской Заяц says:

Fantastic place!

Daniel Medley says:

You are amazing.

Simon M says:

Colours opposite each other on a spectrum circle always good together.

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